Cloth-bum baby models: Noah then and now

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Side by side of a baby in a cloth nappy in 2005 then grown up in a green football top in 2021

TotsBots has turned 20 this month and to celebrate we’re revisiting the babies who helped model our nappies over the years. 

Today, we’re catching up with Noah, one of our first-ever baby models who’s now nearly all grown up at 16!

Name: Noah
Age: 16
Modelled: Rainbow Cotton Tots

Does your mum still have your nappies or did she pass them on?
We kept one in my memory box but the rest went to Malawi, where my Dad is from (and where they are probably still being used to this day!)
What do you want to do when you leave school?
I’d like to become a musician or do something relating to music. My family all play music and I spend my Saturday mornings at the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow music school (online at the moment, obviously) where I learn percussion, composition and more.

What’s your wish for the future?
For my kids to grow up in a fairer world. Preferably without so much climate change (but with more music!)

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?
I wish wealth distribution was fairer. The gap between rich and poor is just too wide.
If you could invent an eco-friendly gadget, what would it be?
Solar-powered aeroplanes so it wouldn’t be so polluting to visit my family in Germany and Malawi.
If you could meet anyone who would it be and why?
Pelé, because he was an amazing footballer and he would probably have many great stories to tell.
What’s your favourite hobby? 
Drumming on my drumkit. 

What is your least favourite thing in the world?
Are you an eco family/eco-warrior? What things do you do?
We try to avoid buying unnecessary, the ‘latest’ or disposable things. My dad works for SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) in waste management. We try to salvage, reuse and recycle things, but I know we buy much more stuff in comparison to some of my relatives who live in the rural areas of Malawi.

Will you use cloth nappies if you become a parent?
Probably, though I’m not there in my head yet!

It’s amazing to hear how important the future of the planet is to Noah. By starting out in reusable nappies, he’s been championing waste-free living since day one and we’re fluffed to bits about that!


Side by side of a baby in a cloth nappy in 2005 then grown up in a green football top in 2021