Making the switch to cloth nappies

Making the switch to cloth nappies

Why choose cloth nappies:

If your unsure about making the move to cloth nappies then maybe you should put yourself in your baby’s shoes, ‘Thanks for my disposable pants Santa,’ said no adult ever so why do we put our babies in them when we wear cotton, silk or bamboo pants.

You know that annoying rustle of a plastic bed sheet, the bed dance you used to do in an attempt to get comfy. Now remember that fresh laundered Egyptian cotton bed feel in a fancy hotel. A pretty undeniable comparison we think for our cloth nappies v’s disposables, something I’m sure if our babies could talk they would agree with.

We haven’t even started on the savings yet (a holiday cottage for a week) or mentioned the chemical free bum. Switching to cloth nappies not only avoids Dioxins, VOC’s, Tributyl tin, Sodium Polyacrylate and other nasties snuggling up to our babies bottoms, it’s soft and leaves baby with a rash free bottom. Cloth nappies have a huge environmental benefit diverting up to 4000 nappies away from landfill.

All our cloth nappies are easy to use too. With three styles to choose from, our EasyFit, which goes on just like a disposable, our bombproof night-time Bamboozle or our economical Bamboozle pad and wrap system, we have a nappy for every occasion and every budget. For more information on our different nappy types you can watch our videos here.

It is a common misconception that by making the switch to cloth nappies you will be tied to the washing machine on constant cycle after cycle but our super scientific laundry experiments have shown it only takes 15 minutes per washing load, i.e 5 minutes to pop in the wash, 5 minutes to hang your fluff out to dry and 5 minutes to put them away.  We think you’ll agree that your baby’s bum is worth that little bit of effort!

It’s easy to make the switch one step at a time too. With our lovely little mini kits you can trial it for your self. Containing two cloth nappies and a roll of biodegradable liners you have one for the bum and one for the wash, and just like that, 1 nappy a day and 365 nappies not going into landfill.

There really is something rather scrummy about cloth nappies on a squishy little bottom, but be warned before long you’ll be sharing pics on instagram of your baby in the latest TotsBots print you have added to your stash! Just remember to take pics of their faces too!

For more inspiring tips and facts about using cloth nappies, check out our Why Cloth Nappies page.

Making the switch to cloth nappies