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two in cloth

Our nappies are designed to last from birth to potty but did you also know that you can use them for more than one child?

In fact, if they are well looked after they can last through 2, 3 or even 4. (One member of the team still has her eldest son’s first nappies ready for baby number 4 to grow into this summer).

The best way to ensure your nappies last long enough to pass them down to future siblings or friends is to make sure they are well looked after.

- Try not to leave your nappies in a bucket or wet bag for too long as babies can produce very acidic wee when they are teething, washing every day or two is ideal. Over time the acidity will start to wear down natural fibres and leaving the nappies damp in a lidded bucket will encourage bacteria to breed and smells to set in. Rinsing after each wear isn’t always practical, but making sure you wash your nappies well will help.

- Line drying is the best way to care for the elastic- if that isn’t an option then drying them indoors but away from direct heat and radiators is the next best thing. Tumble drying is convenient but it does put a strain on the PU and elastic. Bear in mind that drying in the sunlight means the UV rays work their magic and de-stain whilst also naturally sterilising.

- Using fleece liners not only helps keep baby’s little bum nice and dry but means the bamboo is protected from pooplosions!

- How you wash is important, ideally using our Potion which is designed especially for cloth nappies. Using optic brighteners, fabric conditioner or bio powder is not advised and can reduce the lifespan of your nappies.

- Finally, it makes sense that the bigger rotation of nappies you have the longer they will last. Just like your favourite socks, if you wear them every day it will eventually start to show, and the pulling, washing, peeing and drying will eventually exhaust even the toughest of nappies. Having a larger collection of nappies means each one won’t be used as often and therefore will last longer.

two in cloth