The many uses of our magnificent muslins

Little one holding a magnificent TotsBots Muslin

If you’re getting ready to enjoy a family break away and are making a list of essentials, don’t forget to pack our super soft squares of loveliness…our 100% organic cotton muslins!

There’s definitely more than meets the eye with these light as a feather, magnificent muslins! Not only are they soft on babies’ skin, extra absorbent and breathable, but they’re also handy for so many different reasons…

The many uses of TotsBots muslins

  • Little one’s favourite comforter
  • A wrap for your snacks
  • Keeping teeny hands and faces clean

  •  A colourful bandage for poorly teddies
  • The traditional use to catch sicky burps
  • Create a sunhat for hot days
  • A cute dress-up accessory for toys

  • A crowd-pleaser in a game of Peek-a-boo
  • An emergency clean-up cloth for messy moments
  • Teddy bear’s picnic blanket
  • A breastfeeding cover

  • Light blanket for hot weather
  • A makeshift car window shade
  • Napkin to help catch crumbs


If you’re already a fan of our muslins, let us know how you use yours!  If we’ve tempted you into wanting a magnificent muslin, check out our colourful collection here.

Little one holding a magnificent TotsBots Muslin