Life with Down's Syndrome

life with downs syndrome - Liam and mum

Recently Laura came to TBHQ with her gorgeous boy Liam for our Playtime photoshoot. He very kindly modelled our Rainbeau nappy print - we had so much fun in the studio with him and his mum! He was just a delight to be around. Laura asked us if we would consider doing a post for World Down's Syndrome Day. We decided that Laura was the best person to talk about their day to day life and so we asked if she would like to write a guest post for us. She agreed and here’s what she had to say…


What is it like having a child with Down's Syndrome?  Let me explain what it’s like...


My son, who is 1, adores the washing machine when it’s on, and turns it off mid-spin.


He loves watching us cooking and would try to grab the pans himself.


He is mesmerised by the hoover, which he will try to eat.


He loves birds, and our cat, especially her tail. The cat doesn't like the fact her likes her tail though.


He has the uncanny ability to get into awkward spaces, with corners and edges, as soon as you rest your eyes on your (cold) cup of tea- I haven’t had a hot one since he was born.


He likes pulling cables and tries to climb the fire guard.


He will reach up to anything dangling off any dangerous high surface.


He will protest and stiffen his body when I need to change his clothes or put him in the car. Oh what about changing his fluffy nappies well, let’s not go there but the TotsBots Easyfits are definitely our favourite for quick changes!


He can splash most of the bath water onto the floor within minutes of getting in.


He tries to get into the TV and behind the piano.


The washing... he likes helping, in fact he hangs it up for me, all over the hall, the hallway floor. Dry or wet.


Oh it’s tiring raising a 1 year old... but what about his Down’s Syndrome? Oh that’s ok.


When he arrived, our journey expectations changed, instead we jumped in his beautiful, vintage car. We may not drive on the motorway with everyone else, but that’s ok, we’ll get to see the scenic route. When you go a bit slower, you realise how much more there is to appreciate in the little things. Or how much more rewarding it is reaching the different milestones along the way.


The “Mechanics” check our little car often, but that’s ok. A couple of things needed fixed. Fixing the engine was hard, but vintage cars... they are made of something special. Like my son. #wouldntchangeathing

life with downs syndrome - Liam and mum