Kick-Start 2021 With Cloth Nappies

Loads of us learned new skills in 2020, like living room yoga and home baking. Let’s keep these back-to-basic trends going and commit to cloth nappies in 2021.

2020 was a year like no other, and during lockdown, we took it upon ourselves to fill the days with activities that had previously seemed like too much of a challenge. Vegetable patches were planted, banana bread recipes were perfected, and jigsaws were finally completed after sitting under the sofa since 2019! And all throughout that time, another back-to-basics trend was steadily growing in popularity too — cloth nappies.

Bare Shelves Meant Bare Bums

Panic buying at the beginning of lockdown meant people struggled to find what they needed at the supermarket — including disposable nappies. And for many, the decision to switch to reusable nappies was a necessity. They wanted to make sure they were never faced with a bare nappy bag (or bum!) again. In fact, during the first lockdown, our sister company, Frugi, saw a whopping 300% rise in demand for their reusable nappies.

“We started using reusable nappies during lockdown as we struggled to find disposables. Best decision and we've completely moved over now.” Anna, Trustpilot

So, if the panic buying of last year was just a one-time thing (let’s all promise right here and right now to never buy more toilet roll than we need ever again!), why should parents continue to convert to cloth in 2021?

Cloth Nappies are Best for the Environment

The UK disposes of around three billion disposable nappies each year — that’s a total of 2-3% of all household waste. And to make matters worse, this waste will linger in landfills for centuries.

You’ll only need 20-25 cloth nappies to go reusable full time. That’s a tiny percentage compared to the 6,000 disposables you’ll get through by the time your little one’s potty trained. Plus, our award-winning cloth nappies are manufactured so well that, if you treat them with care, they can even be reused all over again if a sibling comes along!

Cloth Nappies Are Best for your Wallet

By switching to cloth nappies, we estimate that you can save up to £750 in the long run when compared to the cost of disposables. We know the upfront cost can sometimes be a barrier to buying cloth, that’s why we have loads of budget-friendly ways to get into cloth:

Cloth Nappies are Best for Baby

Unlike the chemical absorbency and perfumes found in disposable nappies, TotsBots cloth nappies are all-natural all the way. Each of our nappies are free from harmful chemicals, and the super-absorbent breathable bamboo core keeps baby dry and comfortable. Because of this design, our cloth nappies are much less likely to cause nappy rash, eczema, and other painful skin irritations. Happy bums all around!

“We used disposables with Lucas and he had terrible nappy rash all the time. So when we were introduced to reusables we gave them a go and won’t ever go back to disposables.” Scott & Ashley, Real Parents Blog

Make a Reusable Resolution for 2021

Ready to make a reusable resolution and join the cloth revolution? (Try saying that 10 times fast!) Hit the ground running with one of our pre-bundled Full Kits, packed with everything you need to convert to cloth full-time.

And if you’re not a dive-in-at-the-deep-end kind of person, that’s totally OK! 2020 has left a lot of us feeling uncertain. Why not start with a Mini Kit and slowly grow your collection as you become more comfortable with cloth nappies? Even if you only have a couple of reusables, you’ll never have to worry about facing an empty nappy aisle again. Phew!