Keeping on top of washing in winter

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The never ending story as a parent has to be the washing pile.  As soon as you feel like you have made a start the children seem to fill it back up again and as for the mythical ‘bottom of the washing basket’ . . . we have yet to see any evidence that it actually exists.  As it gets trickier to keep on top of with the cold weather and rain, we are sharing our top tips for making life easier this winter.


-Routine is key.  Taking a couple of days off can easily leave you with an unmanageable amount.  Putting a load on before bed each night on a delay start means you can hang it out fresh in the morning.  Having set days to do cloth nappy washes means you soon learn how many nappies you need for your winter stash too.


-Some cloth nappies dry much quicker than others so having a variety means you should always have some to use.  Bamboozles take a little longer, but having a few Bamboozle wraps with inserts that dry much faster is a great way to ensure you never run out.


-Wherever possible, line drying is the best way and even if you can only have the laundry on the line for a short while it should dry much quicker once indoors.  Rain isn’t always the enemy either and is great for strip washing cloth nappies. During this in between weather, the Autumn sunshine is great for drying clothes so keep them out there!


-The sun has amazing stain removing properties and we love hanging our nappies on the line in the summer and seeing how fresh and white they look when they come in.  In the winter try hanging stained clothes in the window as the winter sun can still reduce and even remove some stains as well as killing bacteria.


-Sometimes you really need something to dry quickly and using a tumble drier either at home or at a launderette can make life easier.  TotsBots reusable nappies can be tumble dried on a cool setting if you want to speed up the drying time.


Now let’s say it together - we will not let the laundry beat us! Cloth nappies are just as easy to use in winter!