Inside the Nappy Bag of a Cloth-Bum Mum & Baby Mule GIVEAWAY!

If you are preparing for the birth of your first baby and wondering what you need to pack for your trips out the house then look no further. We want to share what is in the changing bag of a cloth bum Mum. This list may not be right for you but it is a great starting point!

  • Nappies- PeeNuts are ideal as they take up hardly any space in your bag.  One extra wrap in case of anything explosive and some inserts should do the trick. If you have two in cloth you don’t need to worry about having nappies for each, just pick the insert combo when they need a change.
  • 1 Wet bag for storing your dirty nappies in.
  • Changing mat.
  • Baby wipes - We love cheeky wipes and you will need a clean wipes wet bag for these as well.
  • 2 Changes of clothes - Babies are unpredictable, they leak from far too many places and two is safer than one!
  • Bib, either a dribble bib or weaning bib depending on the age of your baby.
  • Muslins are essentials for us, for wiping up mess, popping over your shoulder for a burp cloth, a makeshift bib, a thin blanket - you name it, a muslin does it!
  • A hat, either a light one for summer or thicker one for winter.  Babies take a while to control their own body temperature so a hat can help them feel cosy.
  • If Breastfeeding; Breast pads and Lansinoh – If you are using reusable you can pop used ones in your wet bag after use.
  • Bottle of Water - breastfeeding is thirsty work and quite often with a newborn you forget to look after yourself. Keeping a bottle of water to hand helps you keep hydrated (we usually have a few snack bars thrown in as well).
  • Keys.
  • Purse.

It is very easy to carry everything but the kitchen sink around with you, but the list of what you really need is a lot shorter. You may need to add spare dummies or bottles to this list and as your baby grows then a beaker and some easy snacks as well as a board book or teether toy. For a newborn though the main priority is nappies and spare clothes as they can get through both rather fast!

Is there anything else you consider a changing bag essential?

In collaboration with our Changing Bag Essentials blogpost, our friends at Baby Mule have kindly donated one of their amazing changing bags worth £85!

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High quality fabric and robust manufacture means Babymule is built to last; from newborn through toddlerdom and beyond; enough room for siblings and parents' things. The ideal baby accessory for first-timers and growing families!

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