The Importance of Reading to Children

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‘The more that you read, the more things you will know – The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go’

Everyone loves a Dr Seuss quote and this one is very important to us. You may have noticed we have released two story print collections and nothing makes us happier than your little ones recognising the characters from the stories that they are being read.

Reading is a wonderful gift, one of which our older children are discovering for themselves, and which our babies appreciate before they are even out the womb. Reading is a way to bond, to teach, to expand imaginations and to increase confidence.

One thing that we all want for our children is intelligence and the possibility of reaching their potential. We buy educational toys, pick schools with the best ratings and try to offer them new experiences, but the simplest way to encourage it is by reading to them. They learn about sentence structure from a young age, their vocabulary increases, they discover the power of words and verbal communication and their imagination gains new ideas to run with.

Not only that, but there is something so wonderful about snuggling up at the end of the day with a baby that is always on the move or a toddler who never sits still, and sharing a story. A moment of quiet and reflection, of touch and closeness before bed.

There are many studies that link parents reading to children from an early age with the child having better language acquisition, a better concept of logic and developing conversation skills earlier.  Children that learn a love of reading earlier are more likely to choose a book over a video game or television sometimes, they learn to read for pleasure.

You may have guessed by now but we just love classic fairytales and they make the best stories for small ones, full of incredible characters, wonderful messages and colourful pictures. Does your little one know some of the stories from their nappies?