How to Wash Reusable Nappies

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Our step-by-step guide explains exactly how to wash our reusable nappies.

The idea of washing reusable nappies often conjures up images of soaking and boiling — but 21st-century reusables are nothing like the terry towel days of the ‘50s.

“We even take reusable nappies on holiday and just wash them. It’s no trouble.” Scott and Ashleigh, real parents interview

Clean in 15!

Washing your reusable nappies takes less time than you might think. All you need is a few minutes to pop your nappies in the wash, a few mins to hang them up to dry and a few to put them away. If you like the 'stackisfaction' feeling of delight when all your nappies are freshly washed, neatly stuffed and stacked, showcasing their pretty prints, it might take you a little longer... but sooo worth it!

We recommend washing your nappies every second day, and you can even wash your reusable nappies in with your regular laundry – lots of parents wash them with towels and bedding so they’re putting on a full load. The few extra loads seem easy once you realise all the good reusables do for the planet, don’t you think? By using reusables, your environmental impact is reduced by 40% — even with laundering taken into consideration.

Banish Poo Preconceptions

We know the fear of cleaning up poo can put people off washing reusable nappies. But you’ll be dealing with the exact same amount of poo if you were using disposables — or even less since robust reusable nappies mean no poo explosions up baby’s back!  Any poo is caught in a handy disposable or reusable liner then tipped into the loo.

“Initially it can seem a bit daunting to have to wash poo off a fleece liner, but it's not as bad as it seems.” Andrew, Trustpilot

Before Washing

  • Remove the reusable liner from the nappy and flush any poo down the loo.
  • Pop the nappy and reusable liner in your waterproof storage bag or lidded nappy bucket.
  • Remember to line your nappy bucket with a laundry mesh. Our two pack is perfect – one for the wash and one for the bucket.
  • If using a two-part nappy, you can re-use the waterproof wrap 3-5 times before washing.

During Washing

  • On wash day, lift the mesh containing the liners and nappies out of the bucket and chuck the whole lot into the washing machine. If you use reusable wipes you can keep them all in the bucket ready for wash day!
  • Wash in non-bio powder at up to 60 degrees. Our Potion wash gets your nappies sparkling at 30 degrees.
  • Don’t use fabric softener because this reduces their absorbency.

After Washing

  • Because sunshine helps banish stains, we recommend line drying outside whenever possible (UK weather permitting!). Even drying near a window can work wonders on stains!
  • TotsBots nappies can be tumble dried on cool, but it’s better for the environment to air dry them.

You’re Ready to Wash your Cloth Nappies

Now you’re armed with all the know-how you’ll need, you’re ready to wash your reusable nappies! Missing any of the practical bits you’ll need to get started? Our Laundry Kit comes bundled with everything you need to get your nappies fantastically fresh. Plus, if you’re totally new to cloth, plenty of our cloth nappy kits come bundled with nappies and all the laundry equipment you’ll need.

We hope this post has made the idea of washing reusable nappies less overwhelming. It really is simple once you’ve tried it, we promise! If you still have questions, feel free to get in touch at — we’re always happy to go over any troubleshooting with you.