How to plan a baby shower

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Our five top tips for planning a Baby Shower

Baby showers are such a wonderful way to celebrate a loved ones special moments ahead of their journey into parenthood, but we also know it can be hard to know where to begin as the planner! We've got you covered with out 5 top tips when it comes to planning a baby shower, and before we begin, the first and most important starting information you need is; date/time that works for the parent-to-be, budget and any preferences they may have before you get planning!


1. Choose a venue

Consider the time of year, number of guests and of course budget. If one of the baby shower guests has a lovely big garden or indoor space this can make the perfect intimate baby shower venue. If however it's a large guest list, hotels or restaurants often have function rooms that you can hire and decorate for the day and work for all year round! Think what the parent-to-be would enjoy, and work forward from there when it comes to picking your venue.


2. Send out invitations

We know this one may seem very obvious, but the key is getting invitations out with as much notice as possible. We all lead busy lives and it would be a shame for anyone to miss out due to not enough notice. It depends entirely on budget how you send out invites, whether you send physical invites or create a facebook/whatsapp group, as long as everyone is told when and where to be, you're good to go!


3. Plan the menu 

The best part of planning any celebration is the food, right? When it comes to food, keep your guests and of course the parent to be in mind. If it's a more intimate baby shower, everyone could bring a plate and you could have it as a bit of a buffet style lunch. If you're at a hotel/restaurant, send around the menu in advance so the guests can let you know if they are happy or have any allergies/intolerances. 


4. Get your decorations!

Decorations are such a fun and special way to make your venue really transform into a baby shower celebration. Get in touch with the other guests and see what they already have, 9 times out of 10 someone may have hosted a baby shower themselves, or have some decorations from another celebration that would work perfectly. Reusing what you already have and getting creative is a lovely eco-friendly touch, you'll be surprised how many people have just the thing you need, you just need to ask!


5. Plan your baby shower games

An important part of a baby shower is keeping everyone entertained, and you thank us later because we have got you covered for this one! We have created a selection of free downloadable baby shower games for you to enjoy on the special day.


Downloads below for your baby shower - we hope you enjoy them!


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how to host a baby shower blog image, totsbots party, women sat around having fun with expectant mother, ballloons and bunting with a few drinks