How do I travel with Cloth Nappies?

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Travelling with cloth nappies

Understandably, when travelling it can often bring up the question - how can I travel whilst using cloth nappies? So we decided to share our handy tips for fuss free packing with our bamboozle cloth nappy system.

Travelling with a baby immediately fills the mind with stuffed suitcases and a car crammed full of the essentials, it's very easy to see why the temptation of swapping out your beloved cloth nappies for disposables creeps in. We totally understand the last thing you want to have to factor in your already busy pre-holiday checklist is looking for washing facilities, no-one is trading their precious sunbathing time or adventures outdoors for that, however, using your usual cloth nappies for weekend breaks or week long holidays isn't as impractical as it seems.

Whether you've opted for a local staycation, or you're jetting off for some well-needed sunshine, nobody wants their bags to be taken up with their entire cloth nappy stash. With the TotsBots Bamboozle Systsme, you can carry less as well as washing less. You don't need to sacrifice your own holiday essentials or spend a day in the nearest laundrette in order to keep up your cloth nappy routine. Here's why...

The two-part system is absorbent, lightweight and the best bit? miminum bits to carry! This means you can use cloth whilst away without taking away from your holiday. A few waterproof wraps and a selection of absorbent pads is all you need, taking up far less room than a weeks' worth of disposables. Simply pop out the used pads, give the waterproof wrap a quick wipe if you need to then pop in a fresh clean pad, and you're good to go!

Washing is also a breeze, we recommend washing every couple of days just so you can store your dirty cloth nappies safely on your travels back home. For longer breaks, a quick wash in the onsite facilities, or even a hand wash, followed by a speedy line dry in the sunshine will do the trick. The best bit about using cloth whilst your away is knowing you're not going to run out of nappies throughout your trip, no need to hunt down the nearest pharmacy to top up on overpriced disposables!

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