Henry & Laila on reusable nappies from birth

Real Parents advice on Reusable Nappies

Reusable nappies - A Dad's real-life account

Henry came to visit us at fluff HQ with his daughter Laila to show off his reusable nappies skills and help us to spread the word to other parents wondering what it’s really like using them.

I grew up in Nigeria so was used to the concept of cloth nappies. They were terry squares which were fastened with a pin so modern cloth nappies are really advanced in comparison. I was happy that Nicola wanted to use them. I really like the design of modern nappies like TotsBots, they’re great and fitted both our girls really well. I sent a couple to my sister in Nigeria as I thought they were so cool. I really love the prints.

Henry’s Advice to parents thinking of using reusable nappies:

I recommend them to everyone! I never found them harder to use than disposables either. If you’re a new parent, you don’t know any different so why not give them a go? When we’re out and about its lovely to have the nappies on show as they’re not only cute, they’re a great conversation starter. They’re so much nicer than a disposable and get us chatting to other parents.

People are often really intrigued by reusable nappies, so many times we have heard ‘if I had more time I would have given them a go' but Henry is so right, if you use them from birth you will know no different. For the 5 minutes it takes to put on a wash and 5 minutes to hang up to dry and 5 minutes it takes to put them away they really are not as much work as people who have never used them fear.


We asked Henry how he found them compared to his experience using disposables:

I don’t have any problems with them at all. In fact, they’re probably more reliable. It’s easy to remove any poo from the nappy and then you just put it in a wet bag. I thought it might smell but it doesn’t. At the end of the day, we throw the nappies in the washing machine and by the following day they are ready to be used again. I have to be honest I really thought they would leak, especially overnight but they don't. I found that amazing, they’re on for such a long time but they keep everything in.

Henry and his wife use TotsBots Bamboozle system. It’s a two-piece system with waterproof outer and bamboo pads, which you pop inside for absorbency. They love that they can use them on 2 children as the absorbency levels are so flexible depending on which pad setting you use. The pads are one-size too, meaning you can use them on teeny newborns all the way up to potty training; you just need to get a few different sized wraps as your baby grows making it a very economical system.

Happy Nappying!

Henry & Laila x

If Henry and Laila have inspired you to give reusable nappies a go and ditch the landfill for laundry then come and check out our bright and beautiful Bamboozle range

Real Parents advice on Reusable Nappies