Have a sporty period with reusable sanitary pads

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Have a sporty period with reusable sanitary pads

Reusable sanitary pads can change your period performance

Aunt Flo has appeared and Yoga is booked and paid for, fear not and read on to find out why you can rely on your reusable sanitary pads to have your back!

Keeping active and not succumbing to the chocolate and sofa is the best way to fight the energy slump that comes with your monthly cycle, admittedly the last thing you may want to do is jump on your bike or go for a run, but you know once the exercise is done you will feel great; that’s because exercise gives you a natural endorphin high, it can elevate your mood and actually make you feel better.

The fear though for many of us when it comes to exercising during your period is your pads performance. Nobody wants a pad leak at the gym. So to reassure you, our team here at Bloom & Nora HQ have been using their pads while getting all kinds of active and here are a few of their tales from their various hobbies to keep fit and active:

Cycling in style! Emily - In House Blogger

I love my road bike, it is a sporting love like no other, I am totally obsessed. I average around 24 miles a week and the idea of missing my weekend blast on my trusty steed because of my period is a no-no. I must say although I am a total convert to reusable sanitary pads I did worry that the poppers would be uncomfortable when riding my bike. Thanks to Mother Nature and the clever design of Bloom & Noras the position of the poppers sits just in the right place (if you know what I mean!) My first cycle wearing my Bloomers was 40 miles (I don't tend to do things by halves!) My poor cycling companion had to listen to me raving about them for 3 hours, I genuinely was so surprised at how comfy it was. By the time we got to our destination, I was nearly 4 hours of wear in and leak free too. My choice is a mini Bloomer the extra softness of the natural bamboo is great for a bike seat.

Feeling flexible! Amanda from Marketing 

I recently started yoga and typically had my period just when I had to don my skin-tight leggings and throw my legs and bum in the air for an hour. I was a bit worried my reusable sanitary pad would be visible so thought about skipping it, but after awkwardly checking in the mirror myself, I eventually had my hubby look at my bum (he gladly obliged) and once he confirmed that there was definitely no pad visible, I was confident to go and get into whatever pose they threw at me. Now I wouldn’t dream of skipping it. My choice is a mini Nora it is slimline and stays dry, my perfect yoga companion for lighter period days. I haven’t done Yoga on my first heavy day though, not because of my fear about pad leaks, just because my teacher advises against it.

So don't let fears of leaks during exercise stop you, Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads have got your butt. With secure popper fastenings, (that won’t get in the way of saddles or seats) they are designed to stay in place so that your pad stays in your pants and your period stays in your pad.

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Have a sporty period with reusable sanitary pads