Hassle-free Holidays with Reusable Nappies: The Ultimate Guide

Cloth Nappies On Holiday

Hassle-free Holidays with Reusable Nappies: The Ultimate Guide 

Does the thought of travelling with baby make you think of bursting suitcases and excess baggage charges?  

There’s certainly a lot to remember when you’re bringing your very own special cargo on holiday –sun hat, wipes, snacks, sun cream, more wipes, blankets, sleepsuits, the list goes on!  

But did you know that taking cloth nappies could make (rather than break) your holiday with baby?  

We asked our Facebook Community (Behind the Seams – join here!) what they thought about taking cloth on holiday and almost 80% said they had or would take reusable nappies with them on holiday.  

Being organised is key: from booking your accommodation to planning how many nappies you’ll need to take away with you.  

We’ve rounded up our best tips and asked our super friendly Facebook community to lend their wisdom, too:  

Where to wash 

It’s important to check what washing facilities are available to you when you’re staying away from home. Self-catering accommodation is likely to have on-site washing facilities, and if you’re staying in a town or city you can probably find a laundrette to use. Check before you book!  

Pack smart 

You don’t need to sacrifice acres of suitcase space - our Bamboozle wrap and pad nappy system is absorbent, lightweight and won’t cause an excess baggage alert at the checkout desk.  

Just pack a few waterproof wraps and some absorbent pads for fuss-free changes and minimal waste. When baby needs a change, whip out the used pad, give the wrap a wipe and pop in a fluffy, fresh pad. Easy pee-sy! 

Don’t forget the extras 

Take a wet bag with you so you can store nappies and pads before you wash them.  

Remember your detergent! Take some of your favourite non-bio washing powder along with you, so you’re not stuck for suds when you arrive. Shop TotsBots Potion washing powder here.  

Top tips from other parents 

We asked our super friendly Facebook community about their experiences of taking cloth on holiday: 

“We've now done two lots of 2-week camping stints with full time cloth and the same with night time cloth. No regrets.” 

- Angela 

“It did require extra planning […] but I would do it again.” 

- Rebecca 

“Had a chat with my nana who cloth bummed my dad and hand washed throughout. If she can do it from birth to potty, then I could do it for a week!” 

- Kara 


Going on your hols with reusable nappies doesn't have to be daunting. With TotsBots, you can say "no" to disposable nappies and help to create a cleaner world for the next generation! 

Check out our range of nappies and swims for an eco-friendly, fuss-free change time on holiday!  


Cloth Nappies On Holiday