Getting to grips with 'All In One' reusable nappies

Getting to grips with all in one reusable nappies

For an easy peasy nappy change with cloth choose EasyFit Star reusable nappies.

When you start off researching reusable nappy types for your little one, you want to keep things simple. You most likely have baby brain and don’t want to tie yourself in knots over whether you want a pocket or a pop in nappy with a bamboo or hemp booster. Well, with TotsBots you don’t have to! You can begin your journey with a reusable nappy that is just as easy to put on as a disposable…but will perform even better.

TotsBots reusable nappies are a world away from the terry-towelling nappies of the past. No pins in sight and there is no need for a qualification in fancy hotel towel folding. They are designed with you, your baby and the environment in mind, and one of the must-have qualities is ease of use. Designed by our TotsBots dad and Director, Magnus, you can be sure that the most reluctant of nappy changers won’t break out in a sweat when handed a TotsBots EasyFit STAR as it looks similar to a disposable and goes on in just the same way. Hook and loop tabs fasten securely around the waist of your baby ensuring a snug but gentle fit that will keep the biggest of stinkers inside. They are super-duper easy to use, we bet even a space cat from mars could figure them out!

When making the switch to reusable nappies, it is easy to get into the new habit yourself it becomes second nature. Still, sometimes convincing family members and nurseries to get on board with your way of thinking can be challenging due to the usual misconception that reusable nappies mean more work! Easing the rest of the family and childcare providers in with an all in one like TotsBots EasyFit STAR is a great way to clear up the preconceived ideas about reusable nappies. Our award-winning reusable nappies are a favourite with nurseries, and with the improved containment, you get with reusable nappies you’re actually doing them a favour by saving them from poonami disaster after poonami disaster.

Switching to our EasyFit STAR all in one is a simple change that will save you money, stop harmful chemicals from coming into contact with your little one’s bum and are really straight forward for anyone to change. Go on, give disposables the boot today and try EasyFit STAR reusable nappies, head over to our Packs & Kits section on the website and save 15% off in December with EF15.

Getting to grips with all in one reusable nappies