Getting Out & About with Cloth Nappies

out and about with cloth nappies

Sometimes the thought of going out and about with cloth nappies when you are first starting out can be a little bit daunting. What do I need? What will I do with the poop? Am I going to have to cart around smelly nappies with everyone giving me strange looks? Don't’ panic! It really is just as simple as going out with disposable nappies (but far more stylish of course). A number one rule of parenting is to be prepared, if you have everything you need to hand, then it will be as smooth as a hot knife though butter (as a friends husband once described birthing a second child to me).


Plan just like you would any time you go out, play out every possible scenario, epic wees, attack of the poonami, dowsing themselves in an entire beaker of squash…and the list goes on. Firstly, what do you need to be prepared? Here are some essentials that will make your life easier:


• Enough cloth nappies to last the period you are out for plus one extra, four always seems like a good number!

• Nappy wipes and bag

• A Happy Mat to change on

• A wet and dry bag to keep your nappies separate


Whatever cloth nappy system works for your family will be easy to take out and about. If you choose TotsBots Easyfit or Teenyfit Stars they are simple as an all in one, no fuss. Bamboozle pads and wraps can be great when adventuring as you can wipe down the wrap and reuse with clean Bamboozle pads. This reduces the amount quantity or bulk of nappies you need to transport which is good if you are out for a walk or babywearing.


Its also very easy to transport wipes with you. Disposable wipes seem so convenient but actually cloth is just as simple and more eco-friendly! You can take dry wipes if you are going to be near facilities or take a small bottle of water and dampen them as you go. Alternatively, soak before you leave the house and voila you've got ready made wipes.


Something that is always handy to stuff in your change bag is a source of distraction like a toy or small book. Most of us know that changing a toddlers nappy is like wrestling an octopus smothered in baby oil so any help is much appreciated.


The same applies for weekend breaks, camping and holidays, If you are prepared then anything is possible. Even without washing facilities (as long as its not weeks on end) it is possible to cloth bum whilst you are away. It means a bit of an epic wash on your return but lets face it, we’re parents so thats nothing new.


Now you know how simple it is, the world is your oyster and all you have to do is decide where you want to go on your next adventure…


This post was written by the lovely Heather at A Reusable Life. Heather is mum to two boys, Arthur and Eli. Her passion for all things reusable started off with cloth nappies after using them with both of her boys. She is a bit of a nappy guru and certainly knows her stuff when it comes to getting out and about with reusables!

out and about with cloth nappies