Frugi and TotsBots formally tie the knot

Back Frugi and TotsBots formally tie the knot

Could this be the perfect match made in fluffy fabric heaven?


We are absolutely cock-a-hoop, over the moon and fluffed to bits to announce that TotsBots has officially tied the knot with Frugi, the UK’s leading organic kids clothing brand.

(Left to right: Tracy Carroll - Group Finance & Ops Director, Fiona Smyth - TotsBots Director, Hugo Adams - CEO Frugi, Magnus Smyth - TotsBots Director.)

Not content with the odd print collaboration and squeezing a cheeky Frugi bundle out of them for social giveaways, it was time to jump the gun and formally join forces with the super talented pasty loving team from Cornwall, who love our brand so much, they’ve only gone and bought the company (that's a LOT of nappies by the way!).


Both brands are built on similar founding principles, sharing a common purpose, values and ethics; To make the world a better place for our kids to inherit by creating beautiful eco-friendly products for beautiful babies everywhere. Just like our nappies, we think this creates the perfect fit for a totally brilliant future performance. We can hardly contain ourselves!


TotsBots and Frugi go way back too. A few years after Fiona our founder was at her kitchen table designing a prototype nappy out of a towel, Lucy - founder at Frugi - was assembling her kitchen table as a newly wed, unaware that in the not too distant future, she would soon be sitting there wondering how to make clothes that fitted over the TotsBots cloth nappies she had bought for her little bubba. Fiona and Lucy met a couple of years later and they instantly became good business buddies supporting each other along their business journeys.

Lucy Jewson, Frugi Founder

“Fiona and Magnus’s flufftastic brand was a huge inspiration to me at the start of Cut4Cloth (now Frugi) back in 2003. I even took a “Times” newspaper article on them to the bank when I was asking for a start up loan – I was proving that washable nappies were indeed making a huge come back and making the clothes to fit over them was a dead cert! I have to admit I was a little star struck when I met them in person at a baby show a few months later. This is the most natural joining of brands since “haggis and neeps” were invented!” 


Fiona is just as excited as Lucy is about the two brands joining in fluffy matrimony; “Honestly couldn’t be happier joining forces with Frugi. We have so much respect for the brand and are very excited to be joining the Frugi Family. It will enable us to take our mission to a whole new level and spread a little nappiness even further and wider... also looking forward to the pasties at the monthly management meetings!” 


Committed to our planet, to our customers and to each other, we promise to love, honour and obey our new buddies, till fluff us two part! No honeymoon though. It is business as usual here at TotsBots. We will still continue to make our nappies up here in Bonnie Scotland, Fiona and Magnus will continue to be on board leading the cloth nappy mission, you continue to buy your nappies directly from us and with an exciting year of product launches ahead, we will still happily take all your secret stash money!


The end (well actually, it’s a whole new beginning)

Back Frugi and TotsBots formally tie the knot