For this New Year’s resolution, why not pick cloth nappies?

For this New Year’s resolution, why not pick cloth nappies?

Make cloth nappies your new year resolution

It’s a new year, and we’re asking you to take a new approach to changing your baby’s bum. How about making cloth nappies your change for the better this 2020? They’re better for the environment, better for your baby’s tiny tush, and look better than a plasticky disposable too.

Don't panic! We’re not asking you to fold towelling squares into all sorts of origami shapes and fasten them with a safety pin. Modern cloth nappies are surprisingly very easy to use, and very easy to wash. No soaking, no faffing…your washing machine does all the work!

You don’t have to ignore the packets of disposables in your cupboard just yet either. Baby steps are okay and swapping out just one nappy, once a day is the perfect way to start making changes to reduce your waste without the up-front investment of a full kit. If you swap out only one of your disposable nappies a day to a cloth nappy you will save 365 nappies from landfill. Imagine if every parent did that? Suddenly it’s easy to visualise the huge amount of nappies that could be saved from a 500-year slow disintegration in landfill.

Switching at a pace that feels comfortable to you without investing headfirst into the unfamiliar can really spur you on to make a difference. Once you realise that cloth nappies are actually not at all scary, and are actually quite lovely to use, you will be desperate to top up your stash and start spreading the word at every baby group you attend. Changing your little one’s nappy actually becomes enjoyable and you will be even happier to reduce your weekly disposable nappy bill too. That takes us on to the bonus feature! As a parent, one of the most frustrating things is running out of nappies, but when you make this new year resolution you are guaranteeing yourself that you will never have that problem again, imagine that! No more rows over who forgot to pick up some nappies.

A TotsBots Mini Kit will provide you with 2 EasyFit (watch just how easy in our video) nappies and a roll of liners. One nappy for the bum and one in the wash. You can try it out happy in the knowledge every time you use your TotsBots cloth nappies you are putting one less nappy in the bin. Build your confidence with using them at home, try them out and about, and before you know it, it will be second nature and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

This is one small step for you that could make huge leaps towards less landfill by beginning to reduce your household waste. One on the bum, one in the wash, none in the bin!

To make cloth nappies your new year resolution, check out the TotsBots Mini Kit here and start making savings today for the planet and your wallet.

For this New Year’s resolution, why not pick cloth nappies?