For the love of cloth nappies

For the love of cloth nappies

A love for Cloth Nappies that stands the test of time

We know all too well that you can become quite attached to your cloth nappies once you've been using them for a while and it's slightly bittersweet when you have to pack them all away for the very last time. Whether you used them for cost savings, to save the planet, or because they were best for your baby’s sensitive skin, you feel a bit lost letting them go. Those nappies have been there through your parenting journey, embracing the memories of your little one growing from newborn to toddler. From nonstop newborn nappy changes, to that momentous moment where they roll over mid change, running around the room to catch a little person trying to avoid putting a clean nappy on, and before you know it you’re packing them away as it’s time to graduate to big kid pants.

When we noticed that one of our customers Ellie (@crazy.farming.mum on instagram) was packing away her cloth nappy collection for the last time after using them on both her boys, we got in touch to have a bit of a chat.

Why did you choose cloth nappies?

Firstly, because I hated the bin filling up all the time with disposables and the whole process of getting rid of them was tedious and stinky. 

Secondly, because I hated the volume of nappies being produced, just one baby was madness. 

And thirdly I was definitely attracted to the cloth material on babies bum rather than chemicals and nasties.

 Why did you use TotsBots? What do you love about TotsBots? 

I love the range, nappies for night Bamboozle, slim nappies for daytime I use Easyfit Stars and Bamboozles for convenience. 

I loved that they suited us straight away. We started with the original v2 bamboo with my eldest and were just a great all in one, so simple. Just like a disposable, take off and in the cloth nappy bin ready for washing.

They always provided a great fit on my babies and so we stuck with them and also enjoyed the fabulous range of colours and prints. Can’t beat a beautiful coloured cloth nappy bum!! 

How did you feel packing your cloth nappies away for the last time? 

Sad, really sad! Proud of my little boy but sad at losing a little bit of my little baby as well. Feels like the end of our baby and toddlerhood. But also very happy to think of all the nappies we’ve saved from going to landfill and happy to still have the nappies to go on and be enjoyed and used by another family

What are you going to do with your cloth nappies now? Are you keeping any as a keepsake? 

I hadn’t actually thought of keeping any to be honest! Although they hold a big sentiment for me and a big period in my life, I think I would still rather see them enjoyed by another baby and another family. Carrying on the reusable moto, that is once I convince myself to let go.

We’re really proud to hear that our nappies can often be passed on and used again and again by multiple families. We’ve had a customer who is using TotsBots on their 6th baby!

Do you have any tips, or advice for other families considering cloth nappies? 

Yes! Definitely try a cloth nappy or library or a TotsBots Trial Pack to see what style suits your baby as it is so individual to the fit of the child.

Look up a good washing routine, it’s so important to make sure they are thoroughly clean and well looked after to enable them to last well. We had a few mistakes of fabric softener and drying on radiators, steep learning curves. 

Finally, if unsure just ask for help no one is a failure and there is a wealth of knowledgeable mums out there more than willing to gush about cloth nappies.


We’re so happy to hear that TotsBots nappies mean so much to Ellie and that they featured in both her boy’s childhood and will now be passed on to another family to love. You will love cloth nappies like no other baby product you will buy. They are made with the best fabrics, to the best quality, to give your baby the best possible future. Pick up your Trial Kit today and see just how lovely cloth nappies really are.

For the love of cloth nappies