Evelyn & Christine cloth nappies adventure

Evelyn & Christine cloth nappies adventure

Real mums using cloth nappies

Our latest lovers of cloth nappies to come and visit us, Christine and her daughter Evelyn, found the idea of cloth nappying overwhelming at first, having been inspired by a friend's recent switch Christine began to research the different brands. With so many brands to choose from, she loved the nappy lady's website where she got to see all of the options in one place.

What was your number one reason for choosing cloth nappies?

When I was pregnant with my first baby a school friend had got into using cloth nappies and they really appealed to me. I liked that they were better for the environment. Since we made the switch, we’ve used disposable nappies on holiday and it is crazy the number of nappies you go through in just one day.

The fact that they save you money too is a bonus. I’m now using them on both of my children, so they’ve been a great investment.

Do you use reusables out and about? How do you find that?

Yes, we use them all day, in the house and out and about. We're not using them at night at the moment but I’m keen to find something that works for us. I don’t find it any different to using disposables.

How did you choose which nappies to buy?

My friend had got a TotsBots delivery and had posted pictures of them. I was a bit overwhelmed at first because there are so many different brands, but I liked the TotsBots prints so I looked on the website for more information and compared brands on some independent nappy retailer sites.

I think they’ve become more popular since Evelyn was born. My local nappy library didn’t have any kits available, but they were another place I thought gave good information.

What do your friends and family think?

My mum has always been on board and is happy to change the nappies. My partner didn’t like the idea of cloth nappies until he actually started to use them. Now he loves them and changes them no problem.

What advice would you give to parents thinking of cloth nappies?

It can be overwhelming when you first start looking but I’d say it’s worth the chance. If you have a nappy library near you then hire out a kit, or even just get a Trial Kit and join some nappy groups on Facebook (like our behind the seams one) to get advice from people who are using them.

Cloth nappies aren't really any more work than disposables. Yes, you have to wash them, but the routine is easy and you never run out. I can use the same nappies with my 2 kids and don’t have to worry about buying different sizes every week at the shops.

What’s your favourite thing about TotsBots?

I like the absorbency of TotsBots compared to other all-in-one nappies. They hold a lot more so I’m confident that I won’t get leaks.

If you, like Christine fancy reducing your nappy waste by switching to cloth nappies, come and have a look at the bright and beautiful prints we have to offer on our website here.

Save money with cloth nappies and become a cloth bum mum like Christine.

Evelyn & Christine cloth nappies adventure