Environmentally friendly baby gifts.

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Environmentally friendly baby gifts.

Environmentally friendly baby gifts.

Go on, admit it, you absolutely love your reusable nappies! Once you realised how amazing they are you could be spotted spreading the word to anyone who will stand still long enough. Join our world; we love reusable nappies too! We have all been where you are now and can confirm that it never really stops. You now want everyone to realize the wonderful world of fluffy reusables, so why not gift them to your friends who are expecting?

When a new baby arrives, you have baby clothes and cuddly toys coming out of your ears. You can have some much stuff you might not even manage to get your baby in to all of those lovely gifts in those first few months… you blink and they have outgrown them all. It’s a bit sad; a lot of these lovely gifts end up not even being used/worn and just being passed on or going to charity shops a few years down the line; and it’s not very environmentally friendly either, just too much stuff.  Thankfully, there are much better options out there and we have put a few of our favourites together.

  • Swap a plastic dinner set for a lovely bamboo dinner set
  • Wooden toys. Grimm’s are beautiful bright wooden toys, which are well made; they also grow with your child, as they are so versatile.
  • Reusable wipes, these are always handy it means you are giving the gift of never running out of wipes and we all know how important these are for mucky hands and faces as well and stinky bums.
  • Reusable nappies, something both kind to baby and to your friend's finances.

With a TotsBots gift voucher, you can treat them to anything in our range from reusable nappies to reusable wipes a little bit of environmentally friendly goodness.

Sharing these choices might just open people up to things that they hadn’t even thought of and trying a TotsBots mini kit, that one simple swap will reduce their input into landfill by 365 nappies a year. Gifting reusable nappies means you are gifting the gift that never runs out! Try saying that after a few gins, oh wait you can’t, you’re probably breastfeeding!

We all know that we need to be doing our little bit to help protect the planet so by gifting the gift of reusable nappies, you are also showing the world a bit of love too. Check out our gift vouchers online and gift a little differently this year with some reusable nappies.

Environmentally friendly baby gifts.