Elena's Cloth Nappies Story

Elena's advice on cloth nappies

Advice for you if you're thinking of choosing cloth nappies

Elena and husband Bob moved to Glasgow before the birth of their baby boy, Arthur. Originally from York, they are both fully committed vegans and they decided to relocate to Glasgow as it is the Vegan capital of the UK (so not only is Glasgow home to TotsBots Cloth Nappies, it is also home to very many, very mean vegan burgers!) Their beautiful little boy Arthur modelled our Elements range and we asked if Elena, his mum, would share her cloth nappies experience and feature as one of our real mums. She happily obliged, and here is her real mum experience with TotsBots…

Advice for others thinking of choosing cloth nappies

Give them a go, I absolutely love my cloth nappies. Never had a leak, they are so much easier than I thought. I recommended them to a new mum group friend who called me the other day just to tell me how much she was loving them. It’s not like in grandma’s day with all the boiling and soaking, you just wash and hang them up.

We agree; the washing machine does all the work! It's the biggest misconception that people have about using cloth.

How/when did you start using cloth nappies?

We went fully cloth right away (minus a pack of newborn disposables we were gifted when Arthur was born).

What did friends and family think about your decision to use cloth nappies...did you come across any stigma?

Everyone was really positive and thought “good for you’.

Tips on using

Get a good bucket that will keep any smells (We use the TotsBots bucket) and get a good wetbag as that makes using them when you are out and about really easy too.

Go for reusable wipes, you might as well, you just put them straight in the machine with your nappies, it’s easy really… and it helps you reduce the amount of plastic you throw away.

Are you a grab and go or do you pick your nappies out in advance to match outfits?

We are a grab and go but on Friday’s we go to music and I always make sure his Parumpapum nappy is clean and ready.

What is your favourite thing about using cloth nappies?

No waste and no leaks. Love the feeling that we aren’t making waste. I just really love using them; they are so much more fun.  We went on holiday and used a pack of eco disposables, ended up with loads of leaks. That wasn't much fun at all. Couldn't wait to get Arthur back into his cloth nappies.

Cloth nappies they use 

EasyFits – We bought a kit of new in the beginning but we also borrowed some TeeyfFts from a friend. We then topped up with some second-hand EasyFits and Bamboozles.

So, there you have it, genuine advice from real mum Elena. Cloth Nappies are easy to use, perform better than disposable nappies and are so much more fun too. Nothing like what your granny used to fold and fasten with a safety pin! Get going with a full kit like Elena or give one of our Trial Kits a go to try cloth nappies for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

Elena's advice on cloth nappies