Elements Photoshoot

Setting up the photo shoot is one of the most exciting stages of our product launches. We get to see the prints come to life and meet some new fluffy bums and their mums too. Our Elements photo shoot was the first that we used a newborn model for the whole shoot and we couldn't be happier with the results. Little Jacob was an absolute star and our photographer got some awesome shots that are guaranteed to make you broody!

Jacobs mum, Katy, got in touch to share her experience of her time at the studio...

We arrived at the studio which was within the photographer's house. She specialises in newborn photoshoots - private portraits for families and so her studio is perfectly set up for that - nice and warm, with comfy chairs for nursing in. Jacob was hungry when we arrived and so I popped him into one of the lovely new nappies, wrapped him in a blanket and sat down to give him a feed whilst the photographer set up the shoot. Having filled up on milk Jacob was fast asleep and so I passed him over to the photographer to pose on the beanbag.

It was clear that the photographer loved babies (as did her two daughters who popped in at the end of the shoot to say hello to the newborn) and she was so good with him, rocking him and cuddling him before putting him ever so gently into position. She then used blankets to ensure he was supported in the right places. The actual photos took hardly any time at all and when Jacob woke up he came back to mummy for a cuddle whilst the next scene was being set up. The shoot continued along the same vein with plenty of breaks for feeds and Jacob, being still in the young sleepy stage, only waking briefly with each nappy change. I left understanding why parents pay for photoshoot experiences with their newborns and looking forward to receiving copies of the photos. It's great to have a record of him at that age and I will feel so proud seeing him on the TotsBots website. Katy

Did you have a photoshoot with your newborn? Share your experiences below for your chance to win an Elements print of your choice! We'll pick a winner at random next week!