Eco Parenting 101

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baby sat next to inflatable globe earth wearing TotsBots reusable nappies

Are you ready to raise the next generation of eco-heroes? We love looking after our planet, but we know how hard it can be to care for a little one, whilst keeping a sustainability hat on!

To help live a more eco-friendly life, we’re sharing some easy tips and tricks that you can swap into your everyday family routine.  Even the smallest of changes will add up to make a big difference.  You can get your little one involved too!


Less is more

Expecting a teeny bundle of joy very soon?  Try sticking to ‘less is more’...As a new mum or dad, it’s natural to want to prepare and buy everything you fall in love with from dinky baby grows, to colourful booties, to all the accessories!

But when this happens, a lot of items can get thrown to back of cupboard and never seen or used again...It’s something we’re all guilty of, especially with our own clothing! To lend a helping hand with shopping for a newborn, we’ve created a handy essential checklist that’ll tick off everything you need and keep unnecessary items and costs down.

Hand-me downs and buying second hand are also great planet-friendly options!


Reusables for the win

We love reusables at TotsBots!  By reusing plastic bottles, we create comfy and absorbent reusable nappies as well as super soft reusable wipes for your messy monster.  You can simply add our wipes and nappies to your normal washing routine and reuse them over and over! 

Did you know by using reusables, your environmental impact is reduced by 40% and using just one reusable a day will help save 365 disposable nappies from landfill each year? Hurrah!



Start your little one’s book collection early with some fun and interactive stories about recycling, the planet and nature!  Your wriggle bum’s book collection will grow with them and help them understand why loving our planet is so important.


Getting creative

Bring your baby’s mover and shaker senses to life by upcycling! Get out the paints and colouring pens and start making homemade musical instruments, sensory blankets, texture books and more.  Simply clean and reuse materials for your baby to touch, squeeze and shake!

For some inspiration, click here.


At one with nature

Open your tiny explorer’s eyes and ears to the sounds and colours of nature by spending as much time as you can outside with your little one. There’s a huge world out there ready for them to explore and learn about!


Bye-bye plastics

Is your little human a foodie?  If so, when out and about be armed with reusable spoons, bowls, silicone lids and bottles, to keep your little one happy for when snack time arrives!

There are so many great reusable alternatives for single-use plastics, so let’s make the swap and help to keep our oceans and landfills free from non-biodegradables (it’s an amazing cost-saver too)!

baby sat next to inflatable globe earth wearing TotsBots reusable nappies