Eco-friendly living with reusable nappies

Eco friendly living with reusable nappies

Jess and Sage tell us why they choose reusable nappies

Jess is mum to four girls, and she came to visit us with her youngest little lady, Sage, to tell us about her love of reusable nappies. Originally from Australia, Jess now lives in Glasgow and has a passion for eco-friendly living. Here are her reasons for using reusables.

How did you hear about reusable nappies?

I used disposables with my first two daughters, and it bugged me, putting so much waste into my bin each week. I'm vegan and am conscious of my waste consumption, so I wanted to do something to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. My third baby was susceptible to sensitive skin, so when she was about three months, I came across reusable wipes at a baby show and thought I'd give them a go. Reusable nappies were a natural progression, and we found they are much better for her skin too.

What was the number one reason for choosing reusable nappies, after being used to using disposables with your first two children?

The amount of plastic waste was a real driver. After seeing how many nappies I was throwing away, I eventually found a way to get started. I've always been conscious of the environment, so are my girls. They now pick out Sage's reusable nappies for the day.

Do you use reusable nappies all the time, or do you sometimes use disposables?

I am proud to say Sage has worn reusable nappies from birth. It is great to be a disposable nappy free home.

The Bamboozle and Bamboozle Wrap combination is a night time hero, and I find nothing beats them for fluffy comfort and absorbency.

What has been the biggest surprise about using reusable nappies?

The amount of waste that I'm not sending to landfill is fantastic. I'm always getting asked questions at playgroup about them. Some people are a bit unsure about the washing, but I'm a mother of 4 kids! I don't notice any extra washing. Your machine is going on anyway, so it's not any bother. My husband is great at telling people about them, and why they should use them, it's excellent!

Does Sage's fluffy bum make you proud?

Yes! I love that I'm doing my bit for the environment and the prints are super cute. We have special ones for going out. If someone picks out one that I have marked for an outing, I'm like no that's her out-out nappy, save that one.

Reusable Nappies you use.

We use Bamboozles with a Bamboozle Wrap. Hubby prefers hook and loop so we think Easyfits could be her next love.

We loved meeting Jess and Sage and think she is an inspiration to all parents, even those who opted to use disposable nappies for a first or second child. It's never too late to start saving the planet with reusable nappies and cut the amount of waste you send to landfill. Why not start with a Trial Kit and see how you get on? Give your baby the gift of a fluffy bum with TotsBots reusable nappies.

Eco friendly living with reusable nappies