Easy eco-friendly swaps for new parents

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We’re shouting about the small changes you can make to your daily family routine to help ditch single-use plastics.

Why are plastics so bad for the environment?  Single-use plastic damages our planet in so many ways and disposable nappies are a huge contributor! Did you know, eight million disposable nappies are thrown away every day and can take up to 500 years to degrade?  With 12 million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans each year, it’s time we all pull our socks up and do something about it!

At TotsBots we want to do as much as we can to create a happy and healthy world for your little one, and we try to encourage as many people as we can to do the same!

Even if you make one small change to your family routine, it still makes a huge difference to the environment, and helps your little one to understand why looking after our planet is so important.  

TotsBots swaps for eco-parents

Here are our top planet-friendly alternatives for plastic that you can easily slip into your everyday routine:

Reusable nappy

Did you know, with every All-In-On nappy we make, we help to divert TWO plastic bottles from landfill? Our nappy gurus use their magic to turn recycled plastic into our super soft and absorbent waterproof fabric that’s used in our EasyFit nappies – that’s pretty good going, right?

If you’re new to reusable nappies, we know it can take a little bit of adjusting to get into a new nappy wash and changing routine, but the environmental impact really does speak for itself…

Even swapping out just one disposable nappy a day can help stop 365 nappies from going to landfill in a year…that’s over 1000 by the time your baby is out of nappies!

But, if you’d like to dive straight in and convert fully to cloth nappies, you’ll need around 20-25 reusable nappies instead of 4,000 disposable single-use ones – Yipee! that’s a lot of nappies saved from landfill and our oceans!

Fun fact! To help give that feel-good factor when you use one of our nappies, you will see a little logo inside and a picture of how many plastic bottles were used to create your nappy.

Cloth baby wipes

A lot of wet wipes contain plastic and to make matters worse, they get flushed down the toilet. As the plastic can’t break down it adds to the microplastic already in our oceans, causing harm to our marine life.  

So, it’s time to say bye-bye to wet wipes and hello to our reusable wipes! They are the perfect reusable and washable baby wipe alternative to disposables (and it’s a great money-saver too!).

Our reusable baby wipes are Oeko-Tex-certified, making them super soft and gentle for cleaning your little sticky hands and fingers!

Change Mat

Our super soft and easy to carry Happy Change Mats are ideal for when you’re on the go with your little one. Free from cold PVC, our Happy mats helps you to live life a little greener, reusing and recycling approximately FOUR plastic bottles per mat!

Our colourful change mats create memories to remember; they are oh-so-comfy for tummy-time, first laughs, rolling and more! Even better, the Happy Change Mat can be washed and reused over again!


Nappy Wet Bag

Our Wet and Dry Storage Bags are the true eco-heroes when it comes to saving plastic bottles from landfill!

Made from SIX plastic bottles, a zipper closure and detachable strap, our Wet and Dry Nappy bag is great for storing ready-to-wash nappies when you're out and about, or simply if you need a bit more storage space at home.  Guess what! The waterproof fabric makes it great for swim nappies, too!


So, you can probably tell by now that we love to try and reuse as much plastic as we can!  We’re currently absorbing on average 25912 used plastic bottles into our products each month.  We still have a long way to go to make a dent in the amount of plastic that’s already out there, but together we can head the right direction.

Ready to feel like a true hero and go on a mission with your little one to spread the word and save plastic from our landfills and oceans?  As the saying goes, reduce, reuse, and recycle! 

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