Don't fear the heavy flow with reusable sanitary pads

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Reusable sanitary pads for a heavy period

Reusable sanitary pads, proven to perform better than disposables

Do you find disposable pads don't quite keep you covered when it comes to your monthly cycle? You're not alone, 78% of us have had leaks with disposables, now that's simply not bloomin' good enough! We did some research and discovered that the biggest source of leaking is caused by pads either not absorbing enough, or not absorbing quickly enough, especially when flow is sudden and heavy. Don't stand for leaks, choose to use reusables, they hold more and are proven to absorb faster than disposable pads. Read more about how Bloom & Nora can help with heavy flow fear over on the blog.

Not sure which pad is right for you? Our helpful 'Find your perfect pad' selector will help you get the right fit for your flow. Head over to the website and have your next cycle in style with Bloom & Nora Reusable Sanitary Pads

Reusable sanitary pads for a heavy period