Ditch the disposables this European Week for Waste Reduction

Ditch the disposable nappies this European Week for Waste Reduction

One week of awareness for a lifetime of change. We’re asking you to try reusable nappies this week to mark European Week for Waste Reduction

Just using one reusable nappy per day while your child is in nappies can stop over 900 disposables from going to landfill. If every parent in Europe did this, there would be 4 Billion, 5 Hundred Million less nappies on the planet. A shocking statistic that can be tackled by changing our ways.

By using TotsBots reusable nappies you will be well on your way to reduce waste by reusing products, and you’ll also be recycling with us too. European week for waste reduction is about spreading the word on how to reduce, reuse and recycle, something we at TotsBots have made huge strides toward this year. We're already turning recycled plastic waste into something beautiful by using recycled polyester made from plastic bottles for our waterproof fabric. The results are soft and fluffy reusable nappies to keep your little ones dry and diverting more rubbish from landfill!

For some of us, our consumption of single-use items has already reduced, but many have yet to make changes and just don't know where to start. Being more conscious of what you’re throwing away on a weekly basis as well as being more open to ditching so-called convenience items for smarter, cleaner, planet-friendly products is the best way to identify how you can live a greener lifestyle. We live in a world where choice is plentiful, but knowing accurately how a product is made, what is in it and where it goes when you’ve put it in the bin can be hard to find out, and easy to ignore. It’s time to change! Ditching disposables for reusable nappies is not only going to help the environment but they’re also friendlier to your baby’s skin as there are no nasty chemicals and great for your wallet too. 

Using reusable nappies is a simple change that can make a huge difference.

Our mission since day one, back in 2001, has been 'To make the world a fluffier place to pee in' giving you lovely fluffy nappies and accessories so you and your family can protect the world future generations will inherit. Reducing waste starts with the three R's, so to all of you already on your 'Reducing, Reusing, Recycling' journey a huge thank you from us. If you're thinking of giving it a go this European week for waste reduction, it's never too late to start, a nappy a day keeps the landfill away, so pop on over to our other blogs for more hints and tips on using reusable nappies and pick up a Trial Kit today!

Ditch the disposable nappies this European Week for Waste Reduction