Disposable wet wipes - another plastic disaster!

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Reusable Wipes

The Problem with wet wipes 

Ditching disposables and switching to reusable nappies is one of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of plastic waste your household produces. But don't start polishing your halo just yet - we've got some bad news about those disposable wet wipes... 

Fatbergs – a giant problem 

Wet wipes containing plastic (around 90% of all disposable wipes) make up around 93% of the material that causes sewer blockages, which means complete havoc for drains up and down the country.  

With 11 billion wet wipes being used and disposed of in the UK each year, it's easy to see how they could cause problems in a system that was never designed to cope with this amount of plastic waste.  

There's really no environmentally-friendly way to use disposable wet wipes, whether you bin them as recommended, or flush them down the toilet (definitely not recommended). If they make their way to landfill, wet wipes containing plastic won't degrade for hundreds of years, and flushing them down the toilet leads to 'fatbergs' in our sewer systems.  

Coping with wet wipes waste 

Watch this great video from the Guardian Australia, which shows the damage disposable wet wipes are causing "down under" in Down Under: 

A total ban? 

Thankfully, the UK government and many retailers agree that wet wipes containing plastic are an environmental disaster. A complete ban is being considered for England next year (2024) to help reduce water pollution and improve water quality by removing the plastic problem at source. 

Reusable wipes are the solution 

So what can we use instead? As environmentally nefarious as they are, wet wipes are definitely convenient - no one wants to stick baby in the bath every time they need a nappy change! Luckily, TotsBots has the convenient solution that's much kinder to the planet; our super soft reusable wet wipes. 

Reusable wipes perform better across the bum 

TotsBots reusable wet wipes aren't just better for the planet and your baby’s delicate skin; they also perform better than disposables as they're super absorbent, can clean the dirtiest bums, wipe the grubbiest of faces and mop up a multitude of spills.   

Biggest bonus - they'll never run out so they're cost-effective too.  

An environmentally-friendly change time 

Forget about attacking the next poonami with a flimsy, always-too-small wet wipe (and getting it on your HANDS!) and upgrade to a super-soft reusable wet wipe.  

Simply dampen with water (check the temperature's not too hot) and away you go! No more gagging (ok, maybe some gagging, but not as much) and desperately trying to prize the next wipe out the plastic packet while you grapple with a squirmy baby, either. Just have a few reusable wipes ready at change time and you'll never go back! 

Where can I find them? 

Upgrade your changing bag today, and pick up a pack of TotsBots reusable wet wipes for 50% off here.

Reusable Wipes