Cloth pads: The Fabulous Facts

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nora reusable sanitary pads

Embrace your period with cloth pads

Toying with the idea of switching to cloth pads but not 100% sure? To help you decide if it’s really for you, we have gathered everything we know about the benefits of choosing and using reusables in our handy guide below:

Cloth pads are better for you

  • The facts are disposable pads and tampons are just about the worst thing you can put near one of the most porous and sensitive parts of your body. Studies carried out by respected women’s health organisations* have found a range of toxins, dioxins and carcinogens present in tampons, and according to US Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, there is no research that actually declares tampons unequivocally safe! Bloom and Nora cloth pads are completely Oekotex certified this is your guarantee that there are no absolutely no harmful chemicals in the pads, or more importantly, next to your skin.

Cloth pads save you money

  • Did you know that you could save up to £2000 compared to the cost of using throwaway sanitary products? Considering you will be requiring the services of sanitary pads until those darned hot flushes appear, there really is no time like the present to change to cloth pads and start saving your hard earned cash now.

Cloth pads are better for the environment

  • The time it takes for a tampon or pad to degrade in a landfill is centuries longer than the lifespan of the woman who used it. During her menstruating years one woman can use up to 15,000 products most of which end up in landfill, it will then take 500 years for these to break down… into lots of little bits of plastic. With Bloom and Nora you will use 12 pads every 10 years, drastically reducing your consumption of single use plastic and resulting waste.

Cloth pads perform better

  • Cloth pads are super absorbent and work more effectively than disposables too; they hold more, they stay put, and the design means they are less prone to leaking. Bloom and Nora Cloth pads are so well made that they can be used up to 150 times before they will need putting out to pasture.

Cloth pads are much more comfortable

  • No one likes the horror of sticky wings attached to their nether regions. By using cloth pads you can avoid this at all costs and be assured that with Bloom & Nora you’ll only have soft gentle fabrics in your bloomers. They are extremely comfortable too and guaranteed to have even the most sceptical sighing with approval.

The Different Types of Cloth Pads

We have two types of cloth pads and 4 different sizes to make sure you’re ready for whatever Aunt Flo has to throw at you. Our Bloomers are bold and beautiful cloth pads to brighten up your dreary period days. Perfect for those who prefer natural fabrics next to the skin. The unique stay dry binding is the perfect barrier against leaks and keeps everything in the absorbent bamboo core. If bright-whites are more your cup of tea, then Noras are for you. They have a soft stay dry interior that also repels stains and will keep them looking in tip-top condition for years to come. Noras are designed to also be used for stress incontinence if or when the time comes. The sizes are:

  • Mini - light flow or panty liner
  • Midi - normal/day flow
  • Maxi - heavy/overnight
  • Mighty- very heavy/postpartum

Storing, using out and about and washing cloth pads

It’s much easier than you fear! It’s no different to washing your leaky period pants really. To keep your pads fresh and stain-free rinse them under cold water immediately after use. Store in a waterproof bag, a large make up bag will do or you can use our specially designed bathroom bag; it’s perfect for storing your soiled pads, with a durable leak-proof construction and a waterproof zipped top, it will keep wetness in and nosey parkers out! It also has a handy snap on/off strap meaning you can hang it off any hook or handle.

Most people start out by using pads at home first and increasingly find it hard to swap back to the discomfort of disposable pads when out and about. It usually isn’t before people decide to use them out and about too. With that in mind we designed the out and about bag, it's a handy waterproof bag with two separate zippered compartments, one for used and one for unused pads. Just pop in your used pads in, zip up the pouch and throw in the wash when you get home.

We recommend you wash soiled cloth pads within 48hrs on a 40°c wash with non-bio powder and no fabric softener. This can affect absorbency. Tumble cool or line dry and you are ready to go again next month…for the next 10 year or so.

Why Bloom & Nora cloth pads

We have been designing reusable nappies for 18 years and having mastered the art of keeping babies dry and comfortable without the use of harsh chemicals, we wanted to do the same for people with periods too. Our pads are all made in our factory in Glasgow, so we not only know what goes into our pads, we know who makes them too. This is really important to us; by employing only the best seamstresses, it gives us complete control and confidence with our quality, making sure your pads will last and won’t fall apart within a couple of years.

You can take control too and have a healthier period by making a decision that is both great for you and the environment. Give one of our trial packs a go and start the switch today, check out Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads here.

nora reusable sanitary pads