Cloth Nappy Myths - Busted!

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When we tell people we are choosing to use cloth nappies, we are usually met with either nods of agreement or looks of horror. It seems not everyone knows how far cloth nappies have come over the last few years and the image of boiling big bulky terry squares still sits in some people's minds. We wanted to bust some of those myths, so that next time you speak to someone who needs a little convincing, you can send them this way!

Boiling terries is out, washing machines are in!

We are no longer trapped at hot stoves all evening, a simple cold rinse and 40 or 60 degree wash in the machine will leave our nappies looking and smelling fresh and with the right detergent, they will be clean and sanitary too. You can even wash as low as 30 degrees with Potion.

'But don't you have to touch poo?'

...Nope, we are not up to elbows in our baby's waste like some seem to think, a disposable liner just tips off of the nappy and into the loo, washing away all evidence without us having to touch anything. Breastfed newborn poo is water soluble and is washed away in the machine so you can pop them straight in the wash.  Sometimes a slightly more co-ordinated ‘dunk and flush’ is needed but it still doesn't translate to poo covered fingers! In fact, we've had feedback that you actually have to touch more poo by using disposables as the containment isn't as good.

'Babies will walk later with a chunky cloth bum'

Well many of us were brought up with bulky cloth nappies unlike our slim line Easyfits and we seem to be doing ok.  Cloth nappies do not hinder development, and many cloth bummed little ones are walking well before their first birthday – the lucky little things have a nice cushioning too if they fall on their bum as they learn!

'It isn't worth all the extra work'

What with modern technology of washing machines, adding cloth nappies to your routine barely takes any time at all.  We estimate around 3 extra wash loads per week, plus the time it takes to hang those nappies on a line to dry.  Our Easyfits are all in ones, which means no fiddling around for the right boosters, and they are stored dirty in a lidded, dry bucket.  In fact, you save time not having to take smelly nappies out to the big bins every day!

 'What a big commitment!'

Some people seem to think it is all or nothing but this is far from the truth. Some people use cloth full time from birth, others introduce it gradually and some only use it when at home. Every time you use a TotsBots nappy you are saving a disposable one from ending up in landfill, so whether you do it full time, part time or something in between, that is ok, well better than that, it is fantastic!

 'They are disgusting'

Yep, one of our Fluffragettes has heard this. Her reply? You obviously haven't seen the gorgeous prints that TotsBots do! We think it is a lot less disgusting to dispose of waste in suitable channels such as down the loo than it is for a nappy to sit in a landfill for up to 500 years. We definitely think they look pretty good too. Also remember a cloth nappy will sit dirty in for up to 3 days depending on how often you wash them, but a disposable could be up to two weeks depending on your next bin collection.

’Buying pre-loved can't be hygienic’

Cloth nappies can be washed on a high enough temperature that kills bacteria, and hanging them in the sun helps to naturally sanitise too. We would still choose natural cloth next to our babies behind than plastic and chemicals.

’Cloth nappies are leaky and unreliable’

This was clearly said by someone who hasn't tested the power of TotsBots against a pooplosion! A correctly fitted cloth nappy is more effective at containing poo than a disposable and when used properly and changed regularly, they shouldn't leak.

’The wetness will cause nappy rash’

This is just scientifically not true. Nappy rash can be caused by sensitive skin, the frequency of nappy changes, teething or something else. A child in a cloth nappy is certainly no more likely to get nappy rash than one in disposable nappies.

So, there you are…cloth nappy myths busted! TotsBots cloth nappies have come a long way, but some people's perceptions haven't, so if you find somebody that needs convincing that cloth nappies are easy to use, send them our way!