Cloth Nappy FAQ

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We are here to help you to start your cloth nappy journey! We have put together our most frequently asked questions as a great introduction to cloth nappy-ing.


Can I use reusable nappies from birth?

Yes, definitely. For early or teeny babies you can use the TeenyFits, the Size 1 Bamboozle Wrap and pads or Size 1 Bamboozle Stretch. For average-sized babies 8 lbs or more, go straight for the EasyFits, Size 2 Bamboozle Wrap or the Size 2 Bamboozle Stretch.


How many will I need?

You will need 20 all-in-one nappies (EasyFits) if you plan to wash daily, 25 if you want to wash every second day. If you plan to use the two-part Bamboozle system of Bamboozle Pads by day and Bamboozle Stretch Nappies by night you will need 15-20 Pads, 5 Stretch Nappies and 5 Bamboozle Wraps. If you plan to use the Bamboozle Stretch and Wrap by night only, you will need 5 Bamboozle Stretch Nappies and 3 Waterproof Bamboozle Wraps.


How often will I need to change the nappies?

As often as you would have to change a disposable. Newborns tend to poop pretty frequently, especially if they're breastfed, and can need changed around eight to ten times per day. Once babies get to eight weeks or so, they usually drop to needing changed around five times a day thankfully!


Are they difficult to wash?

Actually, no and it doesn’t take that much time either! Our nappies can be machine washed at up to 60 degrees with any non-bio washing powder. Don’t use liquid detergent though, as it can coat the fabric and limit the nappy’s performance. We have our own antibacterial washing powder, Potion, that gets your nappies hygienically clean at 30 degrees. We also advise against using fabric softener as it reduces their absorbency.


What do I do with the poo?

We get asked this almost every day and we hate to break it to you... but there's no avoiding the poo whether you use disposable or reusable nappies. The good news is you’ll soon get used to it! To easily get rid of the poo from the nappy just use a simple little nappy liner.

Before putting the nappy on, pop a liner into the nappy and when change time comes around just lift the liner out of the nappy, pop the poo in the loo, then the liner in the bin (or compost if you prefer). Job done!


Do they need to be soaked before washing?

Not normally. Most parents keep used nappies in a dry lidded bucket until wash day and only their nappies and only soak them in water if they're very stained. Sunshine and drying outdoors on the line works wonders on stains.


Can they be tumble dried?

Yes, unlike many other brands, TotsBots nappies can be tumble dried on the cool setting.


Reusable nappies look bigger than disposables - will my baby be comfortable?

Disposables have only been around since the '70s and before then every baby wore cloth with no adverse effects or discomfort. TotsBots babies have super-soft bamboo fabric next to their skin and when toddling, cloth gives them nice padded landing!


Which cloth nappy would be best for me?

We have a whole blog post dedicated to our entire reusable nappy range, click here to read through as a helpful guide to which reusable nappy will suit you and your little one best!


So there you have it, we hope our cloth nappy FAQ has helped answer your questions, we are always here to help so if there is anything we haven't covered simply pop us an email at We have also made buying reusable nappies is easy with our selection of ready-made kits! Head over to our shop to check out nappy kits.