Cloth Nappy Bloggers

cloth nappy bloggers

We love spreading the word about our cloth nappies and we really love finding bloggers who not only use, but write about reusable nappies too.  We have put together a list of our favourite parent bloggers who are experienced in using cloth nappies if you are looking for some new reading!


You may have seen Cecilia Leslie taking over our social channels before, but did you know she also writes a blog? Cecilia Leslie covers organic kids clothing, life as a mum and midwife and of course cloth nappies! Cloth nappies were about the benefits for her baby’s skin and the environment and she has a rather impressive nappy stash after using them on all four of her children.


New to the parent blogging world is Paige, mama to T, E and A hence the name Paige and the TEA Party.  She shared recently about middle child E’s last cloth nappy - such a bittersweet moment but at least baby A still has a nice fluffy bum!


Petra at A Mum Reviews is the go to girl for cloth nappy advice.  With a weekly post about all things reusable nappy you can get advice on wipes, clothing designed to cover a fluffy bum and everything else!


If you want tiny baby spam head over to Lisa’s blog LeeLeeLoves where she shares life with her two small children. We challenged Lisa to give cloth a go when her eldest was toddling round and she is now a convert, proving it is never too late!


Sian blogs over at Quite Frankly She Said about life with her three children.  She bought her first TotsBots cloth nappies when she was pregnant with her first son and we love seeing them on her beautiful baby girl now. 


Lucy at Hello Beautiful Bear shares a mixture of eco living, vegan lifestyle and parenting her three year old daughter.  Cloth nappies were the obvious choice for Lucy and we love the pictures of her gorgeous girl Lily strutting her stuff in our designs.


Bex at The Mummy Adventure started using reusable nappies when her eldest son was only a few months old and we love seeing some of those exact nappies being used on her fourth baby now! Just think how many disposable nappies have been saved from landfill with four babies in cloth?


Sooby over at Standing by the Wall still uses TotsBots with her youngest little cutie Marnie. She is a stylist and Editor at MutinyKids so her insta feed is always featuring the coolest kiddie products as well our cloth nappies of course!


Monkey and Mouse is slightly different with no cloth nappies in the mix, but we love it anyway! It's a blog about Jenny and her two delightfully energetic home educated boys.  Jenny writes honestly about attachment parenting and instinctual parenting and we love following her travels.


These are only a few of our favourites - there are loads more but we couldn't incude them all. Are there any more parenting bloggers you think we should follow?

cloth nappy bloggers