Cloth nappies on the move

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Cloth nappies on the move

You have now mastered life in the house with your little one and cloth nappies, but the world outside is there for conquering. When it comes to emerging from the newborn baby bubble and rejoining the world with your newborn bundle of wonderfulness in tow, preparation is key.

You are ready to march out of the house safe in the knowledge you are prepared for whatever this tiny little human can throw at you (literally) and just enjoy showing them off to the world. Here is our handy checklist to make sure you do just that!

Step 1 Its in the bag baby!

Get the right kind of bag, backpacks are perfect for carrying everything you need so not only have you got your (breathe in)…

  • Cloth nappies
  • Clean clothes for you and baby
  • Bottles or nipple cream
  • Snacks
  • Changing mats
  • Reusable wipes
  • Waterproof nappy bag

(and breathe out)…you are also freeing your hands. Many get caught out with fancy looking nappy changing bags but if you don’t always take a buggy out, you will end up getting in a fankle*. The carthorse look is back in! Baby on front, back pack on back, free hands for shopping, dog walking, toddler hand holding, coffee drinking and all the other things you’re used to doing #winning!

When speaking to some of our cloth mums and dads about their preconceptions around using cloth nappies, we discovered that they thought that using cloth nappies on the go would involve more prep (and stuff) compared to disposables. Honestly, this is a myth, you just throw in your cloth nappies into your bag, a tub of bum cream, some wipes, liners and away you go. The main difference is you bring the used nappies home in a lovely little zipped waterproof nappy bag ready to pop into the wash.

Cloth nappies are usually a little bit more bulky than disposables but not with the TotsBots Bamboozle Wrap nappies. For one day out you’ll need 4 pads (one for every nappy change) if your baby is a solid pooper you can get away with 2 wraps but if you know your Bub tends to have poo-splosions, then pack 4 wraps too.  

*Fankle (old Scottish word for tangle, knot, twist)

Check out our Bamboozle Wrap nappies on our website and get ready for your next adventure with baby.

Cloth nappies on the move