Cloth Nappies: Loud & Proud

Starburst bum shot

Hello Sunshine! Summer is on its way, we heard rumours it may even make it up to Scotland this year! We are excited about hanging our nappies on the line, swimtots on the beach and an extra excuse to be loud, proud and flash some fluff.

Are you fanatic about fluff? Are you passionate about Bamboozles, an Easyfit exhibitionist, a Bamboozle buff? How have you been shouting loud and proud about your love for saving the planet and covering your baby's bot in reusable nappies.   Here are some of our favourite ways to spread the nappy love:

  • One of the biggest decisions before visiting the health visitor is which prints to choose.  Are you guilty of picking your favourites in the hope of converting her? There is nothing better than converting someone new to the wonders of the reusable and saving the planet one little bum at a time.
  • When you are finally caught up on the washing (We hear rumours that the washing basket actually has a bottom) and your nappies are tidied away carefully, there is an unwritten rule that you must take a stash shot.  The satisfaction of seeing them all lined up, the colours and prints - it is too pretty not to share!
  • In Scotland we say it is taps aff weather, but for the babies it is definitely trousers off and nappies on show.  Why cover up something so pretty? We love seeing the babies dressed  in a pretty dress with a nappy poking out underneath or a t-shirt and a cloth nappy becoming a full outfit.
  • Oh Instagram, the home of beautifully styled houses, candid cups of tea and of course the #FlashYourFluff and #MakeClothMainstream hashtags.  There is no excuse not to take an ‘on the bum’ shot and share it with the world now!
  • Public changing rooms - just another part of life for some parents, a chance to shout loud and proud for others.  Changing a cloth nappy in a public space is a great way to demonstrate just how easy they are to use and hopefully get others intrigued!

Do you shout loud and proud at every opportunity? Are you our best fluff flasher? We always love seeing your pictures on social media!

Starburst bum shot