Cloth nappies are for life, not just for Christmas!

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There comes a sad point in life when your last baby can no longer squeeze into those adorable Teenyfits and even the most reluctant of toddlers will progress to big boy/girl pants one day.  Real nappies don’t get thrown in the bin like . . . well . . . like disposables and there are several ways you can reuse and recycle them after they have done their duty.

If your nappies are still useable then why not pass them onto a friend or donate them to a cloth nappy library and help out other parents looking to make the switch to real nappies.

There are ways to donate unwanted nappies to people that really need them, but this differs in each area. It is worth ringing up local food banks and women’s refuge shelters to find out if they accept them.

Easyfits make the perfect nappy for a doll or teddy and if you have another little bundle on the way then letting an older child change the nappy of his or her baby is a great way to get them involved. An Easyfit poppered down should work well too and it keeps your house looking bright and fun!

If you are feeling crafty then why not have a go at repurposing your old nappies?  the bamboo cores would make great cleaning cloths and the PU outers can become keyrings, knee patches or all manner of things.  We even read a story about a woman putting them on her feet to use as foot-mops!

Cloth nappies can be recycled at your local recycling centre with textiles as a last resort. Natural fibres like bamboo are compostable if you want to give it a go at home (make sure you cut off the poppers first), and you would be surprised at the amount of used for old fabric, from insulation to cushion stuffing to the mixing of cotton with plastic bottles to make new textiles.