Choose TotsBots Reusable Nappies for Sensitive Skin

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Bamboozle bamboo nappy with Mother & Baby 2021 Best Nappy award logo

Our reusable nappies for sensitive skin are made from beautifully breathable bamboo fibre!

Does your wee one have an angry red bot? Irritating chemicals found in disposable nappies could be the cause. We think that’s a bum deal! Here at TotsBots, we say no to dioxins, no to parabens, and yes to nappies made from hypoallergenic breathable bamboo. Read on to find out more about our reusable bamboo nappies for sensitive skin.

Does my Baby Have Nappy Rash or Sensitive Skin?

The NHS tells us that up to a third of babies and toddlers in nappies have nappy rash at any one time. But did you know “nappy rash” only relates to the rash caused by ammonia from stale wee and poo burning baby’s skin? Other redness could be caused by heat, sweat or simply sensitive newborn skin. Whatever’s causing bub’s rash, our bamboo nappies can help soothe the irritated areas.

What Benefits does Bamboo Have? 

  • Bamboo fibre is up to 40% more absorbent than cotton — and dry bums are less likely to have rashes
  • It’s covered in tiny micro-holes, making it more breathable than other fabrics.
  • Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, so it can be worn by almost any baby without the fear of an allergic reaction.
  • It has antimicrobial properties. The plant’s natural “bamboo kun” means there’s never any need for pesticides during cultivation.

What Sets TotsBots Nappies Apart?

Our mission is to make the best nappies in the world. That’s why we’re the only nappy company in the world to have our whole range of nappies Oeko-Tex 100-certified. This is our guarantee that your baby’s nappy is totally free from any harmful chemicals. Just soft bamboo fluffiness here, thank you!

Will Wearing Nappies Overnight Irritate Sensitive Skin?

The simple answer is no. Woohoo! Our award-winning Bamboozle Stretch nappy is specially designed to be worn for up to 12 hours. Really! Its super-absorbent core locks in any wetness, giving you all a peaceful night’s sleep. Since our reusable fleece liners stay dry even when your baby’s nappy is quite wet, we always recommend popping a liner in too. Our Bamboozle nappy just won the 2021 Mother & Baby Best Reusable Nappy Award for the 11th time! That's more than any other nappy brand put together. Woohoo!

Any other Tips for Sensitive Skin?

The best way to stop rashes in their tracks is to keep baby dry, and regular changes with breathable bamboo nappies are a great start!  But what else can you do?

  • Don’t forget to give your wee one bit of bare-bum time each day — this gets the air to their cheeks and the freedom us grown-ups could only wish for!
  • Disposable wipes contain all the same harsh chemicals as disposable nappies. Try our reusable wipes rinsed in water for a natural clean.
  • Wool and synthetic fabrics like nylon make it hard for your wee one’s skin to breathe. Dress your tot in breathable organic cotton clothes to help keep them cool.

I’m Ready for Bamboo! What do I do now?

Shop our range of nappies for sensitive skin, each with a breathable and absorbent bamboo core. Or if you’re not sure which style is for you, pick up a Trial Kit. Our kits feature a range of our best-selling nappies so you can find the perfect style for you and your little one. Happy Nappying!



Bamboozle bamboo nappy with Mother & Baby 2021 Best Nappy award logo