Chasing Zzz’s with reusable nappies

Chasing Zzz’s with reusable nappies

How to help your baby sleep in a heatwave with reusable nappies

The summer is here and while many of us love the warmth of the sun and the promise of a heatwave our little ones can struggle to deal with the heat but reusable nappies can help.

Babies find it difficult to regulate their body temperatures unlike us adults so in the event of a heatwave keeping your baby cool can be a challenge. When the sun comes out we go for our nice cool linen clothes and opt for cool drinks and fans to keep the air flowing around us, when it comes to your little ones it is best to use the same mentality. Disposable nappies are made with synthetic materials and stay dry super absorbent gels which lock away wetness, removing all moisture from the baby, but some moisture is needed in the cooling process. TotsBots Reusable nappies have natural bamboo absorbency which supports a low ambient moisture level next to babies skin. In a nutshell, the part of the nappy that is next to bum can help regulate your baby’s temperature and keep baby cool. Clever eh!

There are lots of other ways to keep baby cool too so we have put together a list of things for you to try some of which come recommended by professionals and some have been tested by us on our own babies.

Keep it eau natural. The BabyCenter advises removing any waterproof sheets from your baby's cot, with the main aim to keep air moving around your little one. Much like our reusable nappies the bedding should be as natural as possible, use a cotton sheet and avoid bedtime leaks by boosting your Bamboozle reusable nappies with a couple of Bamboo pads for heavy wetter’s.

Get drafty! Creating a through draft to allow cooler air to flow through your little one's bedroom is a great way to keep them cool. Open windows and doors and hang cold damp towels from the windows. The cold water will evaporate and help cool the air.

Fantastic. Using a fan is a great way to cool your baby’s room before they go to bed. You can place frozen bottles of water in front of the fan too, which will cool the room even quicker.

No need for towels. Emma’s diary advice is cool baths before bed, then let your little one sit on their towel and play instead of towelling them off. The water evaporating off their skin will also cool your baby down. Once air dry, pop on one of their night time reusable nappies and let them play while you prep their cool room.

Thermometers and baby clothes. When it comes to what to wear for bed keep it light, keep it natural and read your baby. There are many guides out there for clothing to temperature ratios and Gro offers a great little quiz to help you know how to dress your baby according to the temperature. Keep a thermometer in your baby’s room and use this as a guide.

When putting your little one to bed, choose Bamboozle reusable nappies made from natural bamboo, it’s a great start to helping your baby keep cool in the summer.

Chasing Zzz’s with reusable nappies