Celebrating TotsBots' 'Dad' this Father's Day - Magnus

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We were delighted to nab Magnus… (Dad of 4, who, alongside his wife Fiona founded TotsBots) for five minutes to get his take on starting and running an award winning business while juggling family life. Magnus answered these questions for us from his little nook at TotsBots HQ where he beavers away on new product development, keeping his finger on the pulse of every industry development and geeking out on fabric composition!

This Fathers Day we thought the spotlight should be on him to celebrate how he, and his wife Fiona have built this fabulous sustainable business and raised 4 little ones… in his own words ‘learning that grit, determination and the ability to turn off’ are required to see you through!


  • How have your children inspired your work?

They are 100% the inspiration behind what we do. They inspired Fiona to do something about the damage we are causing to the environment with our disposable culture and subsequently each nappy design has been prototyped on them.

  • What have you learnt about running a family business?

There are so many things we have learnt over the years having started the business with no experience of running one. If I had to pick one it is that you need to have a lot of grit and determination to get you past the inevitable obstacles that a growing business needs to get beyond.

  • How do you manage the work life balance of being a busy working parent?

I have got a lot better at switching work off when at home. This is an essential skill as a parent as the only commodity you have that actually matters is time. Everything else is just noise.

  • What’s your proudest work moment?

Our Bamboozle nappy winning the very first Mother & Baby Award for reusable nappies. We also took the silver at the same awards for our Fluffle nappy and it was just an amazing feeling.

  • Do you think any of your children are likely to follow in your entrepreneurial footsteps?

Who knows, but I do hope so.

  • Is there anything you wish you'd done differently as a working dad?

Being honest, I wish I had been able to switch off from work better when at home with the kids.

  • What’s your favourite way to chill out with your family after a full on day at TotsBots HQ?

Riding our mountain bikes followed by eating smores whilst sitting round a fire.

  • The best thing about being a dad is…

Watching the kids grow and learn, hopefully learning some of it from me along the way, but most likely from their mum!

  • Do you have any advice for fellow dads who are wanting to start/or are running their own business?

Feel the fear and do it anyway, and remember to keep everything in perspective - we are all on a ball spinning through space!

  • Best Dad joke?

Why is 6 afraid of 7?... Because 7, 8, 9!

Thanks Magnus!