Cara and the cubs review cloth nappies

Cara and the cubs reviews TotsBots Cloth Nappies

Switching benefits of cloth nappies

With the environmental impact of single-use plastics at the forefront of the media cloth nappies are becoming more and more popular, but what are your reasons for making the switch? Cara and the cubs is a parenting Instagrammer with a love for all things babywearing and breastfeeding, she recently reviewed our Bamboozle cloth nappies after she made the switch due to her concerns about the world she will leave her children.

‘The reality of the amount of waste produced by disposable nappy use is stunning, research suggests the average baby will go through around 4,000 nappies before they are toilet trained, and each one of those nappies can take up to 500 years to decompose! Using cloth nappies is just one of the small changes we as parents can make to reduce our waste and live in a cleaner, greener way.’

The facts are astonishing and only we can make the changes necessary to begin to reverse the sheer volume of waste going into landfill and reduce the environmental impact this is having on our planet.

Another issue to bear in mind is that most disposable nappies include chemicals that you probably wouldn’t choose to put on your newborn's skin, I found using cloth nappies is a great way to avoid sore bottoms!’

Cara, your cub's bottoms are important to us and we are so happy that TotsBots are helping keep their bums peachy soft.

Cara used cloth nappies with her little boy Tom from around 6 months, at first she didn’t have faith in cloth nappies to contain the night time wee, but soon realized that this was simply because she was using the wrong nappy, as soon as she found the right cloth nappy for the job she was away. ‘It sounds simple now the trick to using cloth nappies successfully at night is to use nappies specifically designed for night use! You need some serious absorbency, especially if, like me, you have a baby who seems to be constantly peeing.’

Cara found TotsBots Bamboozle cloth nappies to be super soft and fluffy and loved the hook and loop fastening which means you put them on just like a disposable. Every baby (and its bladder) is different and you need a nappy that can cope with this. The Bamboozle cloth nappies can be boosted with a pop in pad for added absorbency or remove the pad for a nice slim fit on little wee’ers. The Bamboozle comes in 3 different sizes too and each size is adjustable, giving a perfect fit every time. Did you know the largest size 3, can hold up to 855ml of liquid!

The Bamboozle is used with a waterproof wrap and Cara loved this 2-part system which worked well boosting the ability of the cloth nappies containment for wee. With the Bamboozle wrap, you can wipe it down and use it again which Cara loved as it cuts down on washing.

Here are Cara’s tips when it comes to switching to cloth nappies:

  • Start simple, buy an all in one nappy like the Totsbots Easyfit. Give it a wash or two before using (this increases absorbency) and pop it on the bum. All the rest you can pick up along the way and there are some great guides online.
  • Look out for great council-run incentive schemes that offer cashback against purchases or free trial packs of cloth nappies so make sure you check your local council website for details.

Making the switch to cloth nappies is a gateway for many parents to other sustainable choices, since moving to cloth nappies Cara and her cubs are now also using reusable wipes and love their multipurpose use across the home. It even convinced her to follow the path of cloth for herself with Bloom & Nora reusable sanitary pads.

Cara and her cubs are really making waves in their household to reduce their single-use plastic consumption and become a planet-friendly family. 

 ‘I`m so glad we’ve switched to cloth nappies. As well as being seriously cute and great for the environment, it really is much easier than I first thought it would be.’

Cloth nappies are not scary little fluff monsters to be avoided, invite these little fluffy bum covers into your home and join Cara and her Cubs on your own eco-friendly family adventure.

Cara and the cubs reviews TotsBots Cloth Nappies