Busting washing myths for reusable nappies

Busting washing myths for reusable nappies

Tips for handling and washing your reusable nappies

There's no need to go green at the thought of washing reusable nappies, let’s be honest if your little one had an accident you would just throw their pants in the washing machine wouldn’t you, it’s no big deal really. At least with reusable nappies, you use throwaway liners so you can easily shake the poo into the loo (We strongly advise you not to shake it like a Polaroid picture though!)

Still with us! There are a lot of myths about how difficult reusable nappies are so we thought it was time to bust some of these and clear things up (excuse the pun), once and for all!

Myth Number 1: But I’ll have to put poo in my machine?

You won’t! The baby poo will be going the same way as all the family poo, down the loo thanks to disposable liners. Also known as poo catchers, they do a grand job of catching said poo and make it easy to just pop it in the loo. You then bin the liner.

Myth Number 2: My house will stink of poo

It won’t, as per myth buster above, by throwing the poo down the loo and not in the bin; you are avoiding having a bin full of stinky disposable nappies. In the height of summer, this is guaranteed to get you green around the gills…avoid this at all costs by going for the stinky bin free option by using reusables.

Myth number 3: I’m going to have to touch poo!

We hate to break it to you but no matter what type of nappy you use this can happen. There is always a chance that when wiping your little monkey’s bottom, you could get poo finger! However, using the liners should keep the poo contained and easy to dispose of without actually having to touch it directly.

Myth number 4: I’ll be tied to my washing machine.

You do not need a washing fairy to use reusable nappies (although let’s be honest who wouldn’t love a washing fairy!); you just need a little high 5-washing regime!

  • 5 minutes to pop in the wash (Non-bio 40oc NO fabric softener)
  • 5 minutes to hang out to dry (or pop in the tumbler on cool) and
  • 5 minutes to put away
  • 3 times a week.

See that wasn't so bad, was it. Remember the washing machine does all the hard work when it comes to your reusable nappies. With a little bit of Potion reusable nappy wash magic too, your nappies will be all fluffy and sparkly clean ready to use again.

Myth number 5: All this washing is just as bad for the environment?

Another myth…the most recent Life Cycle Analysis report commissioned by DEFRA has proven that using reusable nappies is still 40% better for the environment than disposables. And this benefit increases even more if the nappies are used for more that one child.

So off you go and make laundry not landfill. Try one of our trial kits and a bag of potion and get #bustingclothnappymyths with TotsBots reusable nappies.

Busting washing myths for reusable nappies