Best Reusable Nappy

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Best Reusable Nappy

We are thrilled to announce we have won a ‘Project Baby’ award for ‘Best Reusable Nappy’. It’s thanks to our amazing design team, putting everything we have learned over the last 20 years into making absolutely brilliant nappies, and also thanks for our loyal fans for taking the time to vote.

Now if you’re new to reusable nappies, you may have seen there are quite a few choices to choose from and you may be wondering “which one do I go for?!” – after reading this blog post you will be able to choose with confidence the best reusable nappy for you. We have kept it simple over at TotsBots, we have 3 nappy types, 2 for daytime and 1 for night, here’s our guide to help you decide:


Starting with our award-winning All-In-One day-time nappy, it’s the EasyFit. In case the name doesn’t give it away, you quite simply fasten and go, it’s that easy! It goes on just like a disposable and is a great entry point into cloth nappies. The EasyFit fits from birth to potty (8-35lbs, and with its clever popper system it grows with your baby. The hook and loop tabs give the perfect fit around the tummy, as well as being soft against your little one’s skin, and of course the elasticated waist which means the nappy is secure but comfortable to wear.

So, let’s talk materials, the EasyFit has a soft and absorbent bamboo core, holding up to 385ml and the stitch free leg seams means no leaks – hooray!

The waterproof outer is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and keeps wetness in thanks to the elastic waist and waterproof tummy band – ultimate comfort for your baby!

What people love about the EasyFit is there is no assembly required, you simply pop the nappy on your baby as it is. The TotsBots EasyFIt will last 4-6 hour between changes, our top tip would be to add a liner to make poo disposal easy, and also when washing either fold the tongue of the nappy out or fold the whole nappy inside out for a speedier drying time!


Bamboozle Two-Part Day System

Now moving onto our Bamboozle range, a simply brilliant award-winning two-part system that will make your cloth journey a breeze!

Bamboozle comes in two parts – the Bamboozle wrap and then the absorbent bit – Bamboozle pads. Your wrap works as the main part of the nappy, you simple popper the pads into the wrap on the inside – voila! All you need to add is a stay dry liner and you’re on your way. The pads and wrap being popped together means it is wiggle-proof when your baby is moving around staying in place and keeping your little one protected.

You can tailor the absorbency you need dependent on your baby’s needs; the Bamboozle Pad set contains a small pad (holds 210ml) and one large pad (holds 270ml). These pads can be used separately, or pop them together for ultimate absorbency power – holding up to 480ml!

The TotsBots Bamboozle system is much loved because it’s our most hard-working and economical nappy. One wrap can do 3-5 changes (assuming no poo has leaked onto the wrap) just wipe down between changes, pop in a new pad and you’re good to go!

It’s award winning for a reason, economical, slim design, no bulk on the bum and no bulk in the change bag! It’s also quick drying to, which is perfect for the classic British weather when the sun isn’t shining, just whack your bamboozles on a drying rack and they’ll be dry before you know it!



Bamboozle Two-Part Night System

If you think Bamboozle is flufftastic, wait until we tell you about its unbeatable night-time protection!

Take the Bamboozle wrap and switchout the pads and instead use with the Bamboozle Stretch. The wrap is the waterproof part, and the soft Bamboozle stretch works to catch baby’s wee. Capable of holding a whopping 715ml, the Bamboozle two-part night system is perfect for lasting throughout the night, keeping baby comfortable and dry until morning.

If you have a particularly heavy wetter, for extra absorbency you can also pop in a bamboo booster pad to help absorb that extra wee.

So now you’ve officially met three of the best reusable nappies (not biased at all) – it’s time for the fun part now, which is picking which gorgeous prints you want!

You’ve picked the perfect time to shop with us because we have a whopping 50% off in our Outlet, which has everything you need to get started, all 3 of our nappy systems included and of course our gorgeous range of accessories.

So, what are you waiting for? The best reusable nappy is waiting for you -  Happy Nappying!