Best Reusable Nappy

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TotsBots Best Reusable Nappy

Every year our reusable nappies are put through their paces by the independent Parent Panel at the Mother & Baby Awards, and every year, around October time, we start to get super nervous about which brand will scoop the title of Best Reusable Nappy. You see winning a Mother & Baby award is a bit of a big deal in the nursery industry as it is such a fantastic product endorsement.

Since the award category was created in 2006, we have won it 9 times and no other other reusable nappy brand even comes close. Just like the performance of our nappies, this record is pretty much unbeatable. Another reusable nappy brand would have to win it every year from now until 2027 to beat us. This is testament to the quality, design and performance of our products.

Having TotsBots recognised as Best Reusable Nappy still gives us a buzz of excitement, even after all these years, and it continues to make us proud that we are offering parents truly winning  alternative to single use nappies without compromising on convenience or performance.  This year our Easyfit Star won the award for the second time in a row since its launch in 2016. Previous to this there has been a bit of a jostle for the top spot between the Easyfit and our Bamboozle Stretch reusable nappy – the favourite with parents for night-time nappy use!  Take a look at the Easyfit Star HERE.

TotsBots Best Reusable Nappy