Benefits of Line Drying

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Hurrah for Spring; the daffodils, banishing the winter coats, flip flops, muddy knees, picnics and of course, nappies hanging on the line!

It is our favourite time of year and we just love seeing you sharing photos. We thought we would share our favourite thing about line drying your nappies.

1. Stains, stains, go away and don’t come back another day
The sun has magical powers, it makes flowers grow, it changes the colour of our skin and it gets rid of even the toughest stains on nappies. Hang them wet in direct sunlight and watch them turn white again!  If the stain is a bit tougher then spray the nappy with water  and repeat.

2. Bright colours everywhere
Summer is on the way and our gardens already feel festive with bright coloured nappy bunting cheering us up. They look cute, your neighbours can check out the beautiful prints and they make us smile.

3. Kind to the Environment
Obviously the environmental impact has to feature, and open air drying uses only natural renewable energy.

4. It is free!
Our energy bills can stay low as we aren’t paying for heating or tumble dryers to run.

5. They smell so nice
People pay good money for fabric softeners with a ‘fresh linen’ smell, well your nappies can smell gloriously fresh for free with the wonders of line drying.  It works wonders for strip washing, and they come in not only strokable but also sniffable!

6. It is quick
Well maybe not if you live in Scotland, but hang your nappies out on a sunny day with just the right breeze and they will dry much quicker than hanging up in the house.

7. Your nappies will last longer!
Line drying is more gentle on the fabric, especially compared to a tumble dryer.

8. The kids can help!
Most young children seem to find anything to do with washing extremely exciting (if only that enthusiasm lasted!), so get them involved, give them fresh air and get them passing you nappies, matching pegs to nappies or get them to put on a show for you whilst you hang.

9. Improves your mood
Feel the sun on your back as you hang, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the flowers and wake up the gentlest possible way.  We are sure there must be health benefits

10. And to make it into an even number, hanging washing is a great excuse for a cuppa – sit down outside, enjoy the sun, the views and a nice cup of tea whilst your washing dries :)

We hope you are impressed that we managed to get to ten!  We love seeing your pictures and have featured some of our favourites in the gallery! Make sure you share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just tag us at @totsbots or use the hashtag #totsbots!