Behind the Seams - What happens in an Easyfit, stays in an Easyfit!

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At TotsBots we are always on a mission to create the perfect nappy. We know that as soon as you say the words "cloth nappies", folks immediately think of plastic pants, soaking, boiling, folding, faffing and work.

That’s a lot of negativity to overcome, so to convince parents to use cloth, our nappies need to do an outstanding job! To achieve this, we constantly work with our customer panel; we listen to what they need and they work with us to get it right.

The Easyfit Star is the latest in fabric technology, innovation and design and we’re sure you’ll agree, it’s the perfect choice for your little Astrobot.

- Fiona and Magnus Smyth, TotsBots Directors.

Here’s what’s new:

Absorbency Improvements

The trend for fast dry fabrics and stay dry interiors (using fabrics like microfibre, suedecloth) has resulted in a sharp rise in customers having issues with detergent build up: a problem that reduces the nappy’s ability to absorb liquid over time. Nappies are fine at first then start repelling liquid after a few months and regular strip wash is required to keep them performing well. Some customers can’t be bothered with that. So, we decided to move almost completely back to a bamboo core, as it never loses its absorbent properties and won’t suffer from detergent build up.

Introducing the 'Stay Dry' Buffer Zone - We have a totally new fabric that’s been especially developed for us. It’s completely water resistant and repels liquid into the absorbent core of the nappy, minimising leaks, even when the nappy is full! Now, that type of repellency our testers did like!

Containment Improvements

All in one nappies are definitely the best choice for convenience but by design they only have one barrier against leaks (the leg cuff), and when the nappy is full, wee will escape through the stitching and cause wicking. So, we have introduced our clever stitch free seams to put an end to stitching leaks.

Also new is the Waterproof Tummy Zone. Eliminating rising damp across the tummy and works alongside the stay dry buffer zone; driving wetness to the core, keeping baby happy and dry.

Fit Improvement

The soft bamboo core gives a neater fit than the V4, making this our slimmest Easyfit ever, and the new wider tummy band ensures that the nappy fits longer in the upper weight ranges.

Feedback from our testers 

“Perfect snug fit”

“Minimizes changes!”

“Impressively absorbent!”

To celebrate the launch of EasyFit Star and our new nursery prints we have made some gorgeous coordinating padded change mats. With supersoft minky on one side and waterproof PU on the other, these are the ultimate nappy change accessory. No cold PVC anywhere! We have one of each up for grabs! To enter simply click on the link below and don't forget that sharing is caring, so be sure to tell your friends.

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