Basics Bamboo: Getting back to the basics!

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During our recent house move I discovered my original TotsBots cloth nappies tucked away in a box at the back of the loft, along with all the baby clothes, happy memories and a fair few spiders. Fifteen years later (the baby that wore them is almost leaving home, gosh!!) they are still fluffy, the hook and loop still works and the leg elastic still has a fair bit of boing left in it. I sat there looking at them. Very basic but what great little nappies they were, and I had forgotten all about them and stuck them away at the back of the loft. It was these cute little nappies that started it all. How could I have done this to them!? (when nappies are such a big part of your life you do get overly attached). It got me thinking and off I bounded into work with an idea. Had a bit of a chinwag with a couple of our long-standing retailers, run my idea past the team and the decision was made. We dusted down the old design, gave it a few tweaks here and there. It was time to get back to basics! Not quite as stretchy or luxurious as our Bamboozle Stretch but still a super hard working nappy.

Lots has changed at TotsBots since the days of two machinists and a bedroom full of fabric, but the one thing that has never changed is our ability to make great cloth nappies that every mum will gaze at one day, and miss the days she had a baby with a very cute fluffy bum.

(Slightly sentimental but hey that’s just me.)

Fiona x








The new TotsBots Basics Bamboo Nappy is now available from £6.00*!



Simple, fluffy and absorbent, this is a great value, one size nappy. Made with knitted bamboo fabric, this nappy is a simple, no frills option for those who want a reliable nappy at a value price.



• One size from birth to potty (8-35lbs)



• Fastens just like a disposable for quick and easy changes



• Made in the UK from knitted bamboo



• Stays softer longer– great for hard water areas



• Microfibre free



*Buy one nappy now for £7.99

Bundle of 5 £35.00

Bundle of 10 £65.00

Bundle of 20 £120.00