Bamboozle Launch!

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Bamboozle is back with two new designs! It was 6 years ago this month since our multi-award winning nappy launched and the cuddly soft and super squishy Bamboozle has had a make over.  The winning formula of natural bamboo, adjustable rise and stretchy fit won’t be changing but our two new prints are here to create a storm.

To brighten up those days when it doesn’t just pee, it pours, the mornings you are up before there is even a cloud in the sky, we have Daydream and Plop

Supersoft, super cute and super absorbent, Plop can keep puddles away for up to 12 hours when teamed with one of our Bamboozle wraps.  We can’t guarantee a good night’s sleep but we can offer a dry one!

For the little ones who often have their head in the clouds, meet Daydream, so cute you won’t want to cover it up. Dreamy soft and super squishy this new print is the perfect choice whatever the weather.

The Bamboozles are designed to work wonderfully with our Bamboozle wraps to create an absorbent day nappy for the heaviest wetters or a bomb proof night nappy for babies of all ages.  Use the poppers at the front to get the perfect fit for your little one and cover with one of our co-ordinated prints.  

Hide the raindrops under Bumbrella, cover those clouds with Dazzle and let’s keep the weather under wraps!