Baby's First Christmas - Making it Special


Babies first Christmas is a magical time and the best thing is, it only gets better as they get bigger! This first year is the one for novelty outfits, tiny stockings and probably the longest 25th December lie in you are going to get for a few years!  This is the year to come up with your own traditions and follow on with those you grew up with. Here is how we have made that first Christmas special...


●Oh the cute outfits, the little reindeer onesies, the snowman hats,  the Mrs Santa dresses.  This is the year you can put them in what YOU want them to wear, embrace it! Look on second hand selling sites and facebook pages for bargains.  Make sure you get photos, lots of photos!

●This is the year to fill their little stockings with all the things they need.  A first toothbrush, new sleepsuits, a cute new reusable nappy (or a whole nappy stocking with our Little Bag of Fluff!), a winter hat.  You get the magic of wrapped up gifts without having to spend too much money! We have even wrapped up their favourite fruit and given it as a gift on Christmas day - it got the biggest smiles too!

●What traditions did you grow up with that just ‘made’ Christmas.  This is the year to start them.  Is it the Christingle service, buying a new bauble for the tree together, leaving out mince pies for Father Christmas or always having ‘The Night before Christmas’ as your Christmas eve story?

●Now is also the time to come up with your own traditions too.  We love the Christmas eve box which the elves bring a day early with some new pyjamas, a new reusable night nappy, a Christmas story and some little treats.  It helps build the anticipation and you might find it is the one your children will continue for their own kids one day!

●Whilst it will be a couple of years before the real wonder of Christmas peaks, one of the things even the smallest babies will appreciate is the beautiful lights.  A great pre-Christmas activity is to wrap them up warm and snuggle them up in the sling for a walk around the neighbourhood to take in all the beautifully bright houses. Watch their little eyes light up!

●Make sure you take photos and videos to remember it - The newborn baby lying under the tree, the six month old sat at the dinner table or the 11 month old sat in the box playing with the wrapping paper completely ignoring whatever was inside it.


Do you have any great tips for making a first Christmas extra special?