Baby's 1st Christmas - Our top 5 tips

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That first Christmas is such a special time whether it is your first baby or your fourth. Watching wide eyes light up as they catch a sight of the twinkly lights, hanging their first stocking and dressing their little bum in their first Christmas nappy are all rites of passage and signs of the magic to come. Here are our top tips for enjoying that first Christmas:

Don’t go overboard on the gifts, it won’t be long until they are circling things in the Argos catalogue (or whatever the modern equivalent is), listing smartphones and xboxes on their lists to Santa and they are all too aware of what Father Christmas may bring. The first Christmas is a great  chance to buy a few little treats and maybe put aside some money for a rainy day.  If your little one is under one, chances are the box will be more exciting than what’s inside and they will be mostly oblivious to the fact it is a special day. Check out our easy stocking guide for some great ideas.

Christmas lunch is perfect for weaning babies. Whether you are weaning with traditional puree or going baby led, Christmas dinner has such a great variety of foods for your little pudding to try.  Ella’s Kitchen have even created a ‘Christmas Dinner Pouch’!  With so many veggies including those that only seem to appear once a year (hello sprouts!) they can try everything and for babies with allergies and intolerances, Christmas roast is usually ideal!

Even if your little one is still tiny, Christmas is a great time to have them up at the table and we love some of the new products that help make it possible. Highchairs like the Stokke Steps have bouncer seats that can attach meaning even a newborn can join you for dinner – just make sure you keep the turkey out of reach!

There is no such thing as festive overload in our opinion, so flash their festive fluff! There are some gorgeous Christmas clothes for babies, whether you want the traditional knitted jumper or the novelty of dressing them as a little elf. This may be the one and only year they will do so willingly (or at least without complaint) so make the most of it, and take those photos ready for the embarrassing 18th birthday party when you can share them!

If your little elf is still very little (and even if they aren’t), remember how stretchy maternity jeans are? Totally acceptable for the first year of baby’s life too in our opinion and they mean an extra portion of roasties can fall onto your plate – oops!

If you are celebrating a first Christmas this year then we hope it is magical and don’t forget to share any festive fling pictures over on twitter and facebook – we love seeing your little Christmas Puddings.