Scottish Baby Box parents rave about their reusable nappies kit

Parents rave about the Scottish Baby Box nappy

Welcoming a new baby into the world with fluffy reusable nappies by your side

TotsBots reusable nappies have been part of the Scottish Government baby box scheme for a couple of months now and we’re super excited to finally hear what you all think of the nappies and the scheme:

I LOVE mine!! It's such an amazing idea giving out these vouchers in the box. I honestly don't think I would've tried reusable nappies had it not been for the incentive. We loved our kit so much that in a couple of weeks of receiving it I had purchased the newborn baby kit and various size 1 Bamboozle wraps. We now have enough that my baby wears cloth about 40% of the time and I hope to add to my stash again soon. I was most surprised at how easy they are to use and how great they look. My little boy is a big pooer and I feel that TotsBots reusable nappies have helped with nappy rash too Mardou - Glasgow

Newborn’s skin is very delicate so when we designed the nappy for the baby box we added an integral super soft layer to sit next to skin to keep your baby’s bum dry and peachy pink. In addition to keeping your baby dry, the nappies are made from only Oekotex certified fabrics, this means there are no nasty chemicals in there to cause a skin reaction either. It’s a fact; TotsBots nappies are so much kinder to baby’s skin.

I always thought that it was all or nothing either for some reason but even if you only use cloth for one nappy change a day your still doing your part for the environment, it's a great idea.

Brilliant! Mardou has hit the nail on the head, in a world of the throwaway culture any little changes you make is a positive step for your baby’s future, and will naturally lead to more environmentally friendly habits popping up along the way too. It just feels better to be doing something. Just switching one nappy a day from disposable to reusable nappies is going to save 365 nappies from landfill a year. That is a big pile of stinky nappies!

Babies come in all shapes and sizes and we wanted to create a reusable nappy that would fit brilliantly on newborns to give them (and you!) the very best protection against those lovely liquid newborn poo's. So it was great to hear from Chris who got in touch with us following the birth of his son Edward, born on the 28th May, weighing in at 8lbs 6:

‘Before Edward was born, my wife and I had already decided to use reusable nappies and had ordered some of the Bamboozle nappies from yourselves. We bought the size two thinking he would be a big baby, which it turns out he was but with small hips! Before Edwards’s arrival, my wife received the voucher for the kit in the Baby Box and sent away for them too. This turned out to be a good thing as he was too small for the size two nappies and it was great to have something we could use right away.

So far we are using reusable nappies all day long and just using a disposable if we get caught out while out and about! We managed a whole day at the Royal Highland Show in cloth and only had to swap to a disposable in Costco carpark when he had a massive poo-nami. This was only due to the wrap being covered in poo and we didn’t have a spare (it contained all the poo by the way!)

From our point of view as parents, reusable nappies are so much better for the wallet and so simple when out for coffee with friends. We both enjoy the patterns and the simplicity of un-pop, wipe (child & wrap), pop, then seal! It’s also awesome to be supporting a local business instead of a multinational corporation. We are looking forward to many more cloth filled days! A very proud first-time parent’

We are so pleased that Chris took the time out of his precious newborn baby days to share such glowing feedback with us, poonamis in the Costco car park and all! Manufacturing in Scotland has been a hard slog at times but it has always been at the core of what we do; making brilliant products, creating jobs, and minimising our carbon footprint all at the same time. It’s lovely to be a local company with a growing family of TotsBots babies in Scotland too.

If you have got your Scottish Government baby box recently and are awaiting the arrival of your little bundle of joy, don’t forget to send away for your free reusable nappies from TotsBots and welcome your baby into the world with a fluffy bum. It’s enough for up to 5 nappy changes and is a great way to ensure you never run out of nappies.

Parents rave about the Scottish Baby Box nappy